Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Life at Sonagachi ( original composition) with Balamurali Balu

My 3rd original with Balamurali Balu after Yaaravan & 80's Ilayaraaja feel , and first collaborative effort with Hricha Debraj, a very gifted vocalist! Bala- was immensely satisfying to work on this, thanks for the opportunity!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Songachi, Kolkata, I would suggest that you read up about this before you listen. It might help you appreciate it better.

And, gives me great pleasure to announce that this single is available on itunes and amazon now

“Life at Sonagachi”
Originally sung by: Hricha Debraj Nee Mukherjee & Meera Manohar
Backing Vocals and Harmonies: Meera Manohar
Original Music, Arrangement, Orchestration and Mixing by: Balamurali Balu

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thendral Vandhu Theendum (cover version)-Avadhaaram

Been my long time dream to cover this song, probably ranks highest in my list of totally digged songs for many years now. This is basically a folkish kinda song, and intentionally have done it with a weirdly open throated tone (a sore one at that as well) in the hope of imparting that rustic, crude, and probably a little imperfect charm of the typical down south folk style. For those of you who don’t know Tamizh, the song is about a guy who describes how life around her is, to a blind girl. He tries to show her in words as to how colors, flowers and love look and feel, for instance. The picturization is also interesting for those of you who are visual buffs :) This is also yet another attempt of mine in changing lyrics to make this a female solo as well.

This goes out to my parents who are celebrating their 43rd wedding annivsersary today, and to my brother who celebrated his bday on Nov 14th… I owe my inculcation into music, fueling my interest to listen to all kinds of music amongst other things to the 3 of them! To top it all, all of them simply adore this song- guess that was good enough reason to attempt it. K-track is a bummer but some songs can’t be passed up =)

Guess, that’s quite a long write up from me!! So here goes….

Movie: Avadhaaram
Original music by: Ilayaraaja
Originally sung by: Ilayaraaja & S.Janaki
Original lyrics by: Valee
Lead vocals, backing vocals, harmonies & Mix: Meera Manohar
K-track: Balaji Seethaaraman
“Tweaking of ktrack” :) Balamurali Balu

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Thathithom (K.S.Chitra cover)- Azhagan

This is considered one of Chitra’s anthems and definitely one of the most challenging numbers she has done, EVER! Amazing, absolutely brilliant composition by Maragathamani (aka Keeravani/M M Kreem). Lovely lyrics as well by Valee. The beauty of the song is the almost minimal/non-existent orchestration and her voice just filling the ears……

Here’s my humble attempt at it. It was a total monster roller coaster ride for me :)

Movie: Azhagan
Originally sung by: K.S.Chitra
Original music by: Maragathamani
Lyrics: Valee
Lead, harmonies and mix: Meera Manohar


thathithOm viththaigaL katridum thathaigaL sonnadhu thathithOm
thithithOm thathaigaL sonnadhu muthamizh endruLam thithithOm
sindhithAl thALam thAnE varugiradhu
thALam oru sugam rAgam oru sugam reNdum iNaigiradhu (thathithOm)

kaNNil pEsum sangeetha mozhiyadhu kaNNan aRiya oNNAdhathA
unnai thEdum yEkkathil iravinil kaNNukkimaigaL muLLAvadhA
kuzhalinil varAdha rAgam yAvum en kuralinil varAdhathA
endhan manamidhu endhan ninaividhu endrE purigiradhA (thathithOm)

vaNNa thOgai eNNangaL ivaiyena minnum vizhigal sollAdhathA
kaNNan mArbil ponnoosalAdida ennum iLamai pollAdhathA
yamunaiyil varAdha veLLam undhanin karuNaiyil varAdhathA
kAdhal oru vidha yAgam en kural kAdhil vizhugiradhA (thathithOm)

sa ri ga pa ma dha pa ma ga ri sariga sarigasariga sariga thathithOm

pa ma dha ni madhani madhani madhani Sanidhapa madhari gamapa padhanisariga thathithOm

sanisaSaSaSa dhaRinima padhaniSa RiGariga mapadhaniSa RiGaRi mapadha RiGaRi sariga RiGaRi Ri rimadhaRi rimadhaSa

Sanidhapama Sa nidhapamaga ri
ni dhapamagari sa dha pamagarisani ri

sarigasasa rigama dhapamaga rigamariri gamapa nidhapama gamapagaga mapadhamama padhanipapa
dhaniSaRiSani dhaniSaRiSani dhanisarisani dhanisarisani
sarigasariga sarigasariga sa
sarigamapadhaniSaRi GaRiSanidhapamagarisa GaRiSanidhapamagari riRigaGa Sanidha

en kaNNanE vA
un meerAvai nee ingu pArAyO
kAdhal vEdhanai
adhai enna enbadhu
ini/adhai engu solvadhu

hmmm….hmmmm…I love u….

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Thathithom (Azhagan cover)-K.S.Chitra | Upload Music

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Maathey ( Sudha Raghunathan cover )-Morning Raaga

This is my first recording in almost a month and a half, been posting my unpublished recordings all this while thanks to a nasty throat…

This is from the movie Morning Raga and just brilliantly rendered by Sudha Raghunathan, one of the most innovative carnatic vocalists South India has ever produced.

This is a vocal cut, so have tried my best to make the vocals work with it. And, fulfilling the request of quite a few muzibians who have asked me to sing a classical number. Happy Vijayadasami to all of you….Here goes…

Movie: Morning Raga
Raagam: Khamas
Dharu Varnam composed by: Muthiah Bhagavathar
Originally sung by: Sudha Raghunathan
Original BGM Music by: Mani Sharma
Leads and Mix: Meera Manohar
K-track: Nitin Dubey

Thanks Nitin, appreciate your time on this one :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thuli Thuli (female cover version) from Paiyya

Yet another cover of this awesome song…… Have changed the lyrics to suit the gender, and this also marks my maiden attempt at penning lyrics even if it’s just a few lines.

I have changed the scale of the track by a couple of notches, which has ‘kinda’ distorted it a little, and I have done my best to make it work as far the total clarity of the song goes.

And, this goes out to Mahesh & Vidhu, my nephew and niece who adore this song..

Thanks for your time, and hope you enjoy the take!

Movie: Paiyya
Original Music by: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Originally sung by: Haricharan & Tanvi
Lead, Harmonies and mix: Meera Manohar
K-track courtesy: Amal Antony


thuli thuli thuli mazhaiyaai vanthaanae
suda suda suda marainthey ponaanae
paarthal paarka thondrum
perai ketka thondrum
avanai paarkkumbodhum
kaatrai paranthida thondrum
sel sel avanidam sel
endrey kaalgal solluthadi
sol sol avanidam sol
endrey nenjam kolluthadi
azhagai manathai parithu vittanae

Charanam I:

devanae avan en devanae
azhagiya pon mugam kaanavey
aayul thaan podhumo
kaatriley avanadhu vaasanai
Avanidam yosanai kettuthaan
pookkalum pookumo
netri meley ottrai mudi aadum bothum
nenjukkulley minnal pookum paarvai aalai thookum
kannam paarthaal muthangalal theendath thondrum
kaigal rendum theendumbothum endhan uyir kaatril pogum
azhagai manadhai parithu vittaane (sel sel)

Charanam II:

saalaiyil azhagiya maalayil
avanudan pogavey yenguven
tholgalil saayuven
bhoomiyil vizhugira velayil
nizhalayum odi poi endhuven
nenjiley thaanguven

kaanum bothey kannal ennai katti pottaan
kaayam indri vetti pottaan uyirai yedho seithaan
mounamaagha ullukkulley pesum bodhum
angey vanthu ottu kaettanan
kanavil koochal pottaan
azhagai manathai parithu vittanae

sel sel avanidam sel
endrey kaalgal solluthadi
sol sol avanidam sol
endrey nenjam kolluthadi (thuli thuli)

Thuli Thuli (female cover version) from Paiyya | Upload Music

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Allegra (cover version) from Kandasamy

Have always found this song funny in a very odd way, for its absolutely nonsensical lyrics, and ofcourse the gibberish that comes as male chorus :)

We (Thillana) performed this in Oct of last year, and have had a kind of hate/love relationship with this number. I had tons of fun recording this, and hope you all enjoy listening….

Movie: Kandasaamy
Original music by: Devi SriPrasad
Originally sung by: Rita & Chorus
Lead vocals and backing harmonies by: Meera Manohar
Mixed by: Meera Manohar

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Allegra (cover version) from Kandasaamy | Upload Music

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Poraale.. A tribute to Swarnalatha

Swarnalatha, a singer par excellence passed away a couple of days ago at the age of 37. Blessed with a very unique tone, abundant versatility and a rich voice, she will be sorely missed in the years to come….

This is my attempt at one song of hers which was tough breathwise, lyrics/emoting wise owing to what the song means… It bagged her the National Award for the Best Female Playback Singer. I have tried to make a k-track myself since the ones I found were quite pathetic. Hopefully it doesn’t sound too bad!

Movie: Karuthamma
Originally rendered by: Swarnalatha
Original music by: A R Rahman
Original Lyrics by: Vairamuthu
Cover version: Meera Manohar
Mixed by: George Kuruvilla

Thanks for taking the time out to mix this, George.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mannippayaa (cover version) with Unnikrishnan K.B

Probably the hardest song I have done to date emoting wise…given that literally each word had a different conflicting emotion attached to it OR that’s what I took away from the original when I heard it the first time. Unnikrishan KB has lent the male vocals for this, and as always, been really emotive-his signature :)

The k-track didn’t have the initial backing chords as in the original. So in came Bala Thanks a ton for doing that, you gave it the apt start it needed :)

Thanks Pradip for taking the time to sit on this cover, and for your himalayan patience with every nit and grit that I threw at you about the mixes you sent me!!

Movie: Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya
Original music by: A R Rahman
Originally sung by: ARR & Shreya Ghosal
Cover version by: UnniKrishnan KB & Meera Manohar
Backing vocals and harmonies: Meera Manohar
Initial chords by: Balamurali Balu
Mixed by: Pradip Somasundaran

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Mannippaayaa (cover version) with Unnikrishnan K B | Upload Music

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Etho Januvary Maasam (cover version) from Orkkukka Vallapozhum

Heard this first in Jo’s voice quite a while ago, and recently by Unni. Thanks Unni for the track and lyrics.

Sorry for the slips in diction, have tried my best not to butcher it…

Movie: Orkukka Vallappozhum
Original Music : M Jayachandran
Lyrics : Girish Puthenchery
Originally sung by : Shwetha Mohan/Karthik
Cover version: Meera Manohar
Mix: Meera Manohar

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etho januvary maasam
manassiloreeran niramizhi pole
oru kaikumbilil naru venpoovumaay
ithal nerthorormayaay vannu nee (etho januvary)

Annunin nizhalpolumen
mazha chaRunna chiRakinmel chanju ninnu
pinne nin kanavaleyen
viralthedunna swaramellam kettu ninnu
oru manisalabham swayam- urukumor-uyiril
parayaatha nombarangal pankidaam
ini etho januvary maasam
manassiloreeran niramizhi pole (Etho Januvary)

Annunin chiripolumen
nurayolunna kadalinmel peythirangee
pinne njan sruthiyayi nin
mozhimoolunna paattellaam ettupaadi
iniyoru nimisham
pularkaala sooryanay virinjidaam (etho januvary…)

Etho Januvary Maasam (cover version) from Orkukka Vallappozhum | Upload Music

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Idhu Varai (cover version) with George Kuruvilla

Lovely song from the movie Goa. George has given a totally different dimension to the soft version of the original, which I was so looking for. So, thanks for that George, absolutely lovely vocals and improvs all the way.

Movie: Goa
Original music by: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Originally sung by: Ajeesh and Andrea
Cover version by: George Kuruvilla & Meera Manohar
Mixed by: George Kuruvilla

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Kaatrin Mozhi (cover version) from Mozhi

After trying stints with songs like Allegra, thought I would attempt a song with refined vocals again :P

Probably my most favorite of Vidyasagar’s to date. Beautiful song, excellent singing (Balram especially), and just lovely lyrics.

Words aren’t necessary to express your feelings to people whom you love, and cherish, and this song is a fine example of just that.

Hope you all enjoy the cover, and thanks for mixing this, George :)

Movie: Mozhi
Original music by: Vidyasagar
Originally sung by: Balram ( my version is based on his )
Cover version by: Meera Manohar
Mixed by:
George Kuruvilla

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Kaatrin Mozhi (cover version) from Mozhi | Upload Music

Monday, March 01, 2010

Vaseegara from Minnale with arrangement by JaySwami

I thought I was all done with this song, but after 9 long years I suddenly had the urge to sing it again. And, Jay- your track is the culprit, thanks!
Liked the tone of Jayashree’s voice in this, and that’s about all I can say :-)

Movie: Minnale
Originally sung by: Bombay Jayashree
Original music by: Harris Jeyaraj
Lead, harmonies and mixed by: Meera Manohar
Track arranged by: Jayswami

Vaseegara (Cover version) from Minnale w/ arrangement by JaySwami | Upload Music

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nadhiyil aadum ( cover version ) with Raj

This cover has been pending for a really long time, and is one of my favourite numbers of Ilayaraaja. Guess this is one of the many movies of IL, where despite the movie being a big time flop, the audio cassettes sold by the thousands.

And, it’s a pleasure to have collaborated with Raj for this number. After a very long time, I am seeing someone who despite being untrained in any form of music sings absolutely effortlessly. Thanks Raj, it was good fun singing this with you.

The initial part until the pallavi/start of the song is from the original sound track. Also the k track has a click sound coming thru’out. Sorry about that!

Movie: Kaadhal Oviyam
Original music by: Ilayaraaja
Originally rendered by:
SPB, S.JanakI and Deepan Chakravarthy
Cover version by: Raj & Meera Manohar
Mixed by: Meera Manohar

Thanks for tuning in folks, and please leave a note if you like it :-)

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Iktaara (wake up sid) with George Kuruvilla and arrangement by Anil.B.S

A song which I have fallen in love with, in recent times.

There are very few songs which Manohar, my better half enjoys quite a bit, and this happens to be one of them. Today marks our 11th year wedding anniversary, and this goes out to him.

Anil- Thank you! I wouldn’t be posting this today without your beautiful recreation, absolutely loved the track!

And, George- you completed what I started, and your vocals & mix makes all the difference to this cover :-) Thank you!

Movie: Wake up Sid
Originally composed by: Amit Trivedi
Originally sung by: Kavitha Seth & Amitabh Bhattacharya
Music arrangement: Anil.B.S
Cover version by: Meera Manohar & George Kuruvilla
Backing Harmonies: George Kuruvilla
Mixed by: George Kuruvilla

Monday, January 18, 2010

Naan Sirithaal ( cover version ) with Adithi Devarajan

This number is from Nayagan, probably one of the best movies of Kamal, and of Manirathnam’s probably.

To give a little background to those who aren’t familiar with the song, the song takes place in a brothel in Bombay/Dharavi area, and IR roped in 2 very popular singers of yesteryear’sTamizh film music- Jamuna Rani & M.S.Rajeswari ( the child like voice ). This song became popular back then, since it used old time instruments (andha kaalatthu baani types:-) which is very evident from the tones/style of the BGM’s.

My first time collaborating with Adithi Devarajan, and was such fun, and an absolute pleasure working with her! Here’s looking forward to more duets in the future.

And this song goes out to Raj, who requested that we try this out. And, here's wishing all listeners a very happy Sankaranthi/Pongal ( a little belated though :)

Movie: Naayagan
Original music by: Ilayaraaja
Originally sung by: Jamuna Rani & M.S.Rajeswari
Cover version by: Adithi Devarajan & Meera Manohar
Mixed by: Meera Manohar

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Naan Sirithaal (cover version)- female duet with Adithi Devarajan | Upload Music

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Gems of Ilayaraaja- Sangathil Padaadha (cover version) with Sriram Srinivasan

I think every Ilayaraaja fan out there would definitely know and love this song. Inspite of a pathetic picturisation , and definitely not to mention pathetic people being starred in the original, this song is an anthem of sorts. The malayalam version of this is a show stopper as well.

The Tamizh version differs quite a bit from the Malayalam one, being a duet and romantic theme being a couple. I worked in re-arranging the track a little bit so it would fit the tamizh bill, so to speak :)

Sriram Srinivasan has lent the male vocals for this one, and I personally wanted a non-IL clone to sing this, and thought Sriram would bring a different flavour to this one. Thanks Sriram— my first collaboration with you and it was really fun :-)

Sriram passed me
a link on this song which made an interesting read. Please do check it out if you are interested

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Movie; Auto Raaja
Original music by: Ilayaraaja
Originally sung by: IL & S.Janaki
Cover version by:
Sriram Srinivasan & Meera Manohar
Backing harmonies & mixed by: Meera Manohar

Sangathil Paadaadha (cover version) with Sriram Srinivasan | Upload Music