Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dil Hoom Hoom- a tribute to Bhupen Hazarika

Recorded this a couple of months ago, then let it just sit there due to various things happening around me. Guess, can’t find a more befitting time to post this, with one of the master balladiers of Hindi folk music breathing his last. A genre that I truly connect with, well, atleast more often than not— the bluesy, sad numbers…….
Dimple’s brilliant portrayal in this movie bagged her a national award. 
I was particularly intrigued by this movie where she’s considered a ‘female weeper/mourner’.
Thanks for tuning in...
Originally sung by: Lata Mangeshkar
Original music by: Bhupen Hazarika
Lead and mix: Meera
Track courtesy: Sangeeta Sutar. Thank you :)

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Dil Hoom Hoom (Rudaali)- Tribute to Bhupen Hazarika | Musicians Available

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Discovering the footprints of Tyagaraja! - Original composition by Balamurali Balu feat., Pradip Somasundaran

My 4th original work with Bala, a good friend and a very talented composer! Pradip Somasundaran and I have tried to breathe life into this piece of music. To enhance your listening experience, I have attached a write up here which we would suggest that you read before you listen to the song. We believe it will most probably enhance your listening experience!
Thanks Bala for the opportunity, it’s always a unique experience working with you :) And here’s wishing you and Uma a wonderful anniversary!

As you wander past those aromatic, green Neem trees, the gorgeous, magical mist is right there, in front of you, beckoning you! It’s surreal yet compelling, so surreal, it makes you forget yourself. There’s just something about it that makes you want to touch it, and experience it in all its glory. This surreal reality touches you akin to how the gentle vibrations of musical notes would. Those notes, that you have been looking for all your life, or, have you? Don’t those gentle vibrations stir you deep down somewhere, tug at your very existence, in ways that you can never, ever express?
And, as you pass a clearing, you finally see something that lures you. You know it’s there, yet you can’t see it! Are those musical swaras? You don’t know, but whatever it is, you can sense it strongly. The excitement, and ambivalence of having just sensed it leaves you wanting for more, and your curiosity gently pushes you further.
As your legs fail to stop, the vibrations drifting alongside the gentle, calm breeze touches you in innumerable, yet unexplainable ways. You feel the vibrations, their frequencies, their harmonics……. So, which of those vibrations touches you the most, or is it a permutation combination of all of them, resulting in a complex progression? You have no clue, and as you go deeper and deeper, uncertainty invites you, to keep treading that path, to look for that part of you that has made you walk this far!
The mist finally dissipates, and you see those footprints clearly for the first time. You stop dead in your tracks, you look around….Is there someone to whom those footprints could belong? You try calling out, but all you hear is a reflection of yourself, your own voice! You look up, and one of deep realization hits you beyond imagination. The footprints belong to the great, legendary Saint Tyagaraja, whose eternal love for music is inside you, this very moment, right here, in this surreal yet irresistible place….
Friend, you just discovered the footprints of the one and only Tyagaraja! Hail Tyagaraja!
Song: Discovering the footprints of Tyagaraja 
Vocals: Pradip Somasundaran & Meera Manohar 
Mastering: Sunny@Staticwave 
Music: Balamurali Balu

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Maalai Mangum (Cover) from Rowthiram

Quite a number of you (in and out of Muziboo and FB) )had requested this song of me. So this goes out to all of you. Thanks for the suggestion and hope you enjoy it!
Movie: Rowthiram
Music by: Prakash Nikki
Originally sung by: Ranaina Reddy
Original lyrics by: Thaamarai
Cover version (Lead, harmonies and backing vocals): Meera
Maalai Mangum Naeram, Oru Mogam Kannin Oram
Unai Paarthu Kondae Nindralum, Pothum Endru Thaondrum…
Kaalai Vanthaal Enna, Veyil Etti Paarthaal Enna
Kadikaaram Kaatum Naeram, Athai Nambamaataen Naanum…
Poongaatrum Poarvai Kaetkum Neram Neram
Theeyaai Maarum Thaegam Thaegam
Un Kaigal Ennai Thottu Podum Kolam
Vaazhvin Ellai Thaedum Thaedum ( Maalai )
Oru Veetil Naam Irunthu, Oar Elaiyil Nam Virunthu
Iru Thookam Oru Kanavil, Moozhgi Vaazhkai Thodangum…
Naan Samaiyal Seithiduvaen… Nee Vanthu Anaithiduvaai…
En Pasiyum Un Pasiyum, Saernthu Ondrai Adangum…
Naan Kaettu Aasai Patta Paadal Nooru
Neeyum Naanum Sernthey Kaetpøam
Thaalattai Kannil Šønna Aanum Neethan
Kaalam Vaedum Thaandi Vaazhvøam… (Maalai)
Paal Šinthum Pøurnamiyil, Naam Nanaivøam Pani Iravil,
Nam Møøchin Kaichalil, Meendum Paniyum Nadungum…
Veedengum Un Pørutkal, Aasainthaadum Un Udaigal,
Thaniyaga Naanillai Èndrae Šølli Šinu ngum…
Theendaamal Theendi Pøgum Vaadai Kaatrae…
Thøøkam Theernthu Naatkal Aachae…
Un Vaasam Ènnil Køttum Aadi Pønaen
Vaasal Thøønthaan Naanum Aanen… ( Maalai )

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Maalai Mangum ( Cover Version )- Rowthiram | Musicians Available

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Anuraaga Varsholsavam- original composition by Sachin Balu

I have great pleasure in introducing a really talented, budding composer, Sachin Balu from Kannur, Kerala. He is all of 19 years old, and hails from a family of musicians and this is first ever original composition. His brother Roshan Balu is just about making a mark in Bollywood!
Thanks Sachin, for the opportunity, look forward to more of your works.
This song is in Malayalam, and is about lost love and memories. I envisioned this as someone singing while looking at or feeling the rain. Did this way back in March, and glad to see it finally posted here on my blog… Hope you all enjoy this one :)
Lyrics: Sajeev. K
Original Music, Orchestration and Arrangement: Sachin Balu
Originally sung by: Meera
then mazha noolu kiniyum sukham
oru maatra koodi pakarnnu tharu njan avasaanamonnuranguvan.
poya sandhya than poo manam
korthu kettunnoren manam
greeshma raavili yaathrayil
nin kaLthala naadam orthidaam (Anuraagavarsholsavam)
ee nilavum ee kinaavum
pinnee kulirmara chaayayum
aakave maaychezhuthidum
aathma sagara thirakalal
orthu vekkuvaanengilum
nin nertha punchiri poovukal….(Anuraagavarsholsavam)

Anuraaga- Original Composition by Sachin Balu | Musicians Available

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Make the rules- original composition feat., Eshwar Ravishankar & Deepesh Krishnamurthy

An original composed, sung and mixed within a day’s time. Was done to support the effort to raise more awareness in the anti corruption movement. This was released on Aug 24th to support the fast that was happening, and was posted on FB. Some press releases on this original song:
Song : Make The Rules
Originally Composed By : Eshwar Ravishankar
Lyrics: Manmeet Kaur, Achalla Abishek & Sharda Suresh
Lead Vocals, Harmonies and backing vocals: Deepesh Krishnamurthy & Meera
Kadam Kadam Milake chal ho
Manzil aage hain yaara
Kandhe se kandha milake chal ho
Badthe chalo
Haathon mein haath milake chal ho
Ek hone mein dhum hain
haunsle bhulandh karke
Badthe chalo
Logna maane toh, raah na dikhe toh
haar na maan na yaar mere
kaayde na bane toh, duniya na maane toh
Khol daalo har ghar ki khidki
aadath purani ab saddh chuki
naye andaaz khyalon se
Behti taazi hawaa ko raah do
Utthi baahon ko haath do
utthe swar ko aawaaz do
chodke mehelon ko yaaron
naye yug ka aagaaz karo
Wo! Ik diya jala do!
Wo! hunn agg laga do!
wo! ke chakk de phatte
badhal de india
Wo! Ik diya jala de!
wo! hunn agg laga de!
wo! har ik diye di lau na suraj toh lada do
Thanks Sushane and Deepesh for the opportunity!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ka Se Kahoon (original Composition) with Vijay Krishna

Most of 2011 has been brutal on me, mainly so with music and health taking a major beating. The little music that I have been fortunate enough to have been in touch with ranges from a couple of random covers to a few originals, now in different stages of completion.
Vijay Krishna’s Kahe Ruthe is one of my favorite originals on Muziboo. Ka se kahoon is a pathos folk ballad in Hindi. Hopefully the pain and longing that I have tried to focus on, comes through, apart from the diction, of course.
Thanks Vijay for the opportunity, and all the diction coaching. Appreciate it!
Vijay has also put together a video for this. You can watch it here
Original Music, Arrangement, Lyrics and Mix: Vijay Krishna
Vocals: Meera
Ka se kahoon sakhi
sayaan nahi aave
sawan beeto jaye
aankhiyaan bichyaaye , dwar khadi main
peer sahi na jaye
veerhaa ki agni main, jale mora man
koi na jane mora , haal jiya
kethi firu main, gali gali yea
piya ke nagar jaye, Kaun si gali?
sapne dikhaaye jage yea nayanwa, sawan beto jaye
aankhiyaan bichyaaye, dwar khadi main
peer sahi na jaye ( Ka se kahoon) 

Ka Se Kahoon- Original composition by Vijay Krishna | Online Karaoke

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pichai Podu- Spoof done for the Kansas City Tamil Manram

Not been updating my blog since I seem to be more active on FB music page and Muziboo. Here's my attempt to post all my backlogged ones here :)

Was done way back in March 2011. Thanks to Raja Govindarajan for asking me to sing this for him. Took a lot of liberties in this and improvised it as I thought fit :) The original song is from the movie Gemini, and this title number was a runaway hit when it released. Given a rough translation so the song can be enjoyed by non-tamil speaking folks as well.

Original song: O Podu
Movie: Gemini
Original music by: Bharathwaj
Originally Sung by: Anuradha Sriram
Lyrics – Kamesh Sundaram and Raja Govindarajan 
Spoof version and mix: Meera Manohar
Muziboo comments on this post
Adapted for “Pichchakkaara Idol”, a spoof reality show mocking the splurge of reality shows. This was staged by members of the Kansas City Tamil Sangam recently. This number was part of a skit, a spoof, for one of the characters begging for alms. The lyrics reflect someone begging for food, in a lighter vein!
Hope you all enjoy listening to this!
Pasi edhukkudhu ammani ammani, Kaalu nadungudhu ammani ammani
(Hunger is calling, my legs are trembling)
Kaaliya kedakku vayiru ammani, Ammani ammani gavani gavani
(Tummy is empty, look at me lady!)
Kannusorugudhu ammani ammani, Kaadhaikkudhu ammani ammani
(My eyes are closing, my ears are blocked)
Karunai kaattu ammani ammani, Ammani ammani gavani gavani
(O take pity on me, lady, give me some attention, lady!)
Ammaani ammani ammani ammani, Gavani gavani gavani gavani
(Oye Lady…….some attention this way, pls!!)
Kaal valikka aadugiraen micha sora kazhuvi kudu
(I am dancing to the point where my legs pain, why don’t you give me last night’s remaining food?)
Vadichedhudhum illaiyenna anju rooba alli podu
(No food, no problem….give me 5 rupees)
Pichai podu…….
(Give me alms……) Pasi edukkudhu
Uppilaadha uppuma kindaradhe thappamma
(It’s a blunder to make upma without salt)
Thappu neeyum senjuputta enakku kudamma
(but I will gladly take it if you have committed that blunder)
Kallu kalla sorudhaan ratthiryil thinnudhaan
(Each rice grain that I ate from last night was rock hard)
Kalleeral kettu poi kenji kekkuraen
(that my intestines went for a toss!)
Vayir niraiya soru potta vaai neraiya vaazhthuvaen
(I will hold you on a pedestal if you give me food)
Oosi pona vadaiya potta unga appan pera thittuvaen
(but a spoilt vadai from you will make me curse your dad!)
Annathae annathae, alandhu podu annathae
(brother, birother, give me more)
Pannadai pottavan naan, pizza thinna ennatha
(wearing trashy clothes, how can I eat a pizza???)— okay I am not sure how to translate the last 2 lines :)))
Egypt-ula endhugiraen Pyramid-ula pichai podu
(I ask for alms in Egypt, why don’t u give me some near the Pyramids)
Giza-la kenjugiraen Sphinx pakkam chillra podu
(By the Giza I beg for food, why don’t you throw me some remaining change standing by the sphinx!)
Pichai podu………. (Give me alms!!) – Pasi edukkudhu

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kannalane ( cover version )- Bombay

My dad completed 74 years on 26th of April. My love for music is definitely partly from him. He is very loyal to C.Ramachandra, the VR combo, G.Ramanathan, Ilayaraaja amongst a notable few. But somehow along the way, think he froze in time…… ARR is not someone he really acknowledges, so this is yet another attempt of mine to make him see that ARR can rock too :)

Best wishes on your birthday Appa, hope you have many more healthy birthdays to come!

Monster of a song by Chitra, and just an absolutely beautiful melody by ARR. Somehow I always envisioned this as an emotional roller coaster, thanks to each line showing a conflicting emotion. Hope you all enjoy this.

Movie: Bombay
Original music by: A R Rahman
Originally sung by: Chitra
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Cover version & Mix: Meera

Kannaalane from Bombay by meera manohar

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Parayaan Maranna (Outcast Vocals Cover)- Feat., Kaushik Srenevasan

This is the first post on my space for the year 2011, and my 6th year of audioblogging with 3 of that being on Muziboo. This is a wonderful music community which has helped me grow, improve, and in turn introduced some talented and enthusiastic musicians to interact with. Like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been regular visitors to this space. Your support & encouragement has meant a lot in the last couple of years…

I have known Kaushik for almost a year now, and he is easily one of the most soulful pianists I have ever come across. I am so glad to have collaborated with him especially for this number. He tailored the arrangement to my vocals instead of the other way around….quite an interesting experience for me. Thanks Kaushik for all your hard work— given that I had improvised quite a lot, I am sure it wasn’t easy :)

This cover also marks my first attempt at mixing everything from scratch. I had to learn about frequency of instruments, spatial placement of instruments, clashing of vocals with the other tracks et al. Thanks Bala and Jay for those numerous crash courses on mixing-couldn’t have gone this far without you both!

Was a challenging cover for me in every conceivable department, but the major head breaker personally was the language/diction. Know fully well it’s not perfect as it should be, but still something that I am proud that I gave a shot at that I wanted to share it, nonetheless. Apologize for some recording glitches, and those diction errors, which I am sure are lurking in almost every line. And as with every other cover of mine, you will find quite a few improvs here and there

Sounds better on headphones….and thanks for your time.

Parayaan Maranna…
Raagam: Jog
Original music by: Ramesh Narayanan
Originally sung by Hariharan
Cover version based on: Outcast Vocals (Neha Nair)
Original Arrangement by: Kaushik Srenevasan
Lead, Harmonies and Mix: Meera

Parayaan ( Outcast Vocals Cover)-Feat., Kaushik Srenevasan by meeramanohar

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Vizhiyile En Vizhiyile- Cover version from Vellithirai

An attempt @ one of the songs that I really love for its lyrics and melody.

Movie: Vellithirai
Original music by: G.V.Prakash Kumar
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar
Based on versions of both Naresh Iyer and Chitra
Lead, backing vocals, harmonies and mix: Meera Manohar
Thanks Sushanth for the k-track…


Vizhiyile En Vizhiyile Kanavugal Kalaindhadhe
Uyirile Ninaivugal Thalumbudhe
Kannangalil Kanneer Vandhu Un Peyarai Eazhudhudhe
Muththamitta Udhadugal Ularudhe
Naan Ennai Kaanaamal Dhinam Unnai Thedinen
En Kanneer Thuliyil Namakkaaga Oru Maalai Soodinen (Vizhiyile)

Imaigalile Kanavugalai Vidhaiththene
Ragasiyamaai Neerootri Valarththene
Ingu Verum Kaatrile Naan Viral Neettinen
Un Kaiyodu Kai Seraththaan
Un Uravum Illai En Nizhalum Illai
Ini En Kaadhal Tholai Dhooramdhaan
Naan Saambal Aanaalum En Kaadhal Vaazhume
Andha Saambal Meedhum Unakkaaga Sila Pookkal Pookkume (Vizhiyile)

Ullirukkum Idhayaththukku Enai Puriyum
Yaarukkuththaan Nam Kaadhal Vidai Theriyum
Kaadhal Siragaanadhu Indru Sarugaanadhu
En Ul Nenjam Udaigindradhu
Un Paadhai Yedhu En Payanam Adhu
Pani Thirai Ondru Maraikkindradhu
Yen Indha Saabangal Naam Paavam Illayaa
Vidhi Kannaamoochchi Vilayaada Nam Kaadhal Bommayaa (Vizhiyile)

Vizhiyile En Vizhiyile (cover version)-Vellithirai | Upload Music

Monday, January 03, 2011

Mahaaganapathim-Bombay Jayashree-Morning Raaga

Happy New Year !!!

My 2nd cover of a classical based number from Morning Raaga after Maathey This is one of the most popular invocations on Swami Ganesha set in the raagam Naattai, a very pleasing and chirpy raagam, almost considered a standard in many if not all classical concerts.

The one by Bombay Jayashree in the movie is a little short… so I rearranged the track a little, and added my own stuff to it. And, for the first time- have done harmonies in a totally classical composition and introduced a mild western influence here and there.

So, Classical purists—please excuse :)

Krithi: Mahaaganapathim
Raagam: Naattai
Thaalam: Adi
Original composer: Sri Muthuswami Dikshithar
Movie: Morning Raaga
Lead, Backing vocals, Harmonies and Mix by: Meera Manohar

There’s also a short explanation of the lyrics that I found somewhere. Makes an interesting read:

Mahaganapathim Manasa Smaraami
Vashista Vaamadevaadhi Vandhitha

Mahadevasutham Guruguhanutham
Maarakoti Prakaasham Shaantham
Madhyamakala Sahithyam:
Mahakaavya Naatakadhi priyam
Mooshika vaahana modhaka priyam

P , D N *S *R *G *M
*M *R *S N *S N P M
*S N P M G M
*R , *S *S , N P , M G , M N S G M

Dikshithar starts off with a very small pallavi singing “I medidate and recite(‘Smaraami’) with my whole heart(‘Manasa’) on the supreme Lord Ganapathy, he who is worshipped by(‘Vandhitha’) sage Vashista, Vaamadeva and others(‘aadhi’)”. Very simple but extremely open-ended for improvisation and I have heard so many different versions of the pallavi alone which once again is because of the flexibility characteristic of all dikshithar krithis. The entire scale and important phrases of the raga are brilliantly captured in the opening lines itself. Moving on to the samaashti charanam now

Dikshithar continues describing Lord Ganesha as “He is the son(‘sutham’) of Lord Mahadeva, adored(‘nutham’) by Guruguha. He shines(‘Prakaasham’) like crores(‘koti’) of cupids(‘maara’) put together. He is the peaceful one(‘Shaantham’) and loves(‘priyam’) literary epics(‘Mahakaavya’) and other arts like Drama(‘Naataka’). He uses a mouse(‘mooshika’) as his vehicle(‘vaahana’) and loves modhakam(a popular sweet).” Not much to explain in the charanam except for the beautiful inclusion of the raga mudhra ingeniously incorporated in the word ‘Naataka’ referring to drama. On the whole, a simple composition.(With all due respect to Lord Ganesha), maybe Dikshithar composed this while he was asleep or something :). The characteristic ‘Sa Ri3’ phrase embellishes this composition.

Mahaaganapathim-Morning Raaga-Bombay Jayashree | Upload Music