Friday, October 14, 2011

Ka Se Kahoon (original Composition) with Vijay Krishna

Most of 2011 has been brutal on me, mainly so with music and health taking a major beating. The little music that I have been fortunate enough to have been in touch with ranges from a couple of random covers to a few originals, now in different stages of completion.
Vijay Krishna’s Kahe Ruthe is one of my favorite originals on Muziboo. Ka se kahoon is a pathos folk ballad in Hindi. Hopefully the pain and longing that I have tried to focus on, comes through, apart from the diction, of course.
Thanks Vijay for the opportunity, and all the diction coaching. Appreciate it!
Vijay has also put together a video for this. You can watch it here
Original Music, Arrangement, Lyrics and Mix: Vijay Krishna
Vocals: Meera
Ka se kahoon sakhi
sayaan nahi aave
sawan beeto jaye
aankhiyaan bichyaaye , dwar khadi main
peer sahi na jaye
veerhaa ki agni main, jale mora man
koi na jane mora , haal jiya
kethi firu main, gali gali yea
piya ke nagar jaye, Kaun si gali?
sapne dikhaaye jage yea nayanwa, sawan beto jaye
aankhiyaan bichyaaye, dwar khadi main
peer sahi na jaye ( Ka se kahoon) 

Ka Se Kahoon- Original composition by Vijay Krishna | Online Karaoke

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