Saturday, June 27, 2009

Adiyae Kolludhae (cover version) with George Kuruvilla

I really liked the vocals in the original and decided to try it. Probably my first foray into the rock genre, well let’s say Tam-Rock :-)

There's this friend of mine whom I met quite a while ago, was an acquaintance then and probably is one of my best friends until date. This year completes 10 years of friendship and he especially loves this song, well atleast did when it came out :D

So, amidst hunting for best deals on airfares, awesome tasting brownies, complaining about nic nacs or the lack there of and such, guess I am glad to have a friend like you, Sriks. And, this song goes out to you ... thanks for being you!

George, thanks a ton for lending your vocals and doing just an awesome job of it. Couldn’t nitpick anything, damn! :=)) Hope all of you get to like what you hear.

Movie: Vaaranam Aayiram
Original music by: Harris Jeyaraj
Originally sung by: Krish, Benny Dayal and Sruthi Hassan
Main vocals by: George Kuruvilla & Meera Manohar
Harmonies by: George Kuruvilla & Meera Manohar
Mixed by: George Kuruvilla

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Minnadi Minnadi ( Cover version )

Ayush, my son completes 2 years today. So, this goes out to him and interestingly this song has always reminded me of someone singing to a small kid ( although honestly I can't understand too much of the lyrics :-)))

Suggested by Tailgunner aka Anup a long long time ago, and by that I really mean a lloooong time ago— say about 2 yrs ago :))

Somehow, never got around to doing this. I still remember listening to the original he sent along with the k-track and falling instantly in love with it. Thanks Anup for both of those…

So, here’s the song, my shot at it and I hope you like my take on it. This song is specially for you, for being a good friend and an amazing musician, needless to say :P

Good luck with your new job, post PhD stuff and ofcourse life, importantly.

Hope all of you like this cover, and tried to take care of obvious Na pronounciations in this mallu number.

Movie: Naran
Original Music by: Deepak Dev
Originally sung by : Chitra ( and if you haven’t heard her version, you are missing something :D)
Cover version by: Meera Manohar
Mixed by: Meera Manohar

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Friday, June 05, 2009

Mar Jaawaan ( Cover version )

One of the songs that had me totally hooked, in the current crop of hits, not that I listen to latest "any" music too much :-))

Song goes out to Manohar, my husband. This is for you Manu, for all your dedication and hard work towards the Big Sur marathon that happened in April 09. Congratulations!!! You have survived the beast aka the wind, and undoubtedly a brutally difficult course :-)

Some things you might want to know (aah, here it comes!)
1. Still striving to get my Hindi pronunciation right, hopefully would like to think I have got kHwaab & AnkHon ( at the very least) right this time 
LOL All your diction corrections and suggestions keep me going. So, thanks in advance!
2. Some improvs from the original. Have tried some classical stuff as well as a few straight western notes to keep the flavour of the song intact.
3. Changed my voice a little here and there to suit the mood. Hopefully the mood is conveyed :)
4. Played with the rhythm here and there :P

And yes, best enjoyed in headphones.

Movie : Fashion
Original Music by : Salim & Sulaimaan
Originally rendered by : Shruti Pathak and Salim Merchant
Main vocals, Harmonies/backing vocals and Mixed by: Meera Manohar

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Mar Jaawaan ( Cover version ) | Upload Music