Thursday, March 01, 2007


A movie which broke records for the way it had been picturised nad ofcourse needless to say-- raking up enough controversy due to the subject.

This song Narumugaiyae from the movie Iruvar has been originally sung by Unnikrishnan & Bombay Jayashree tuned by ARR. A beautiful haunting tune picturised even more beautifully by Manirathnam in the movie ( with that geva colour that old Tamizh movies used to come in!!)

Hemanth Sharma, a gifted singer (Sonu Nigam sound alike :) has rendered the male voice in this version. This has been in the making for almost a month now and finally seeing light today.

Narumugaiyae | Music Codes

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Movie: Iruvar
Music by: ARR
Originally sung by: Unnikrishnan & Bombaby Jayashree
Rendered here by: Hemanth Sharma & Meera Manohar