Friday, August 25, 2006

Battle of the Na/Nha's

Am back with a post-a malayalam one after a long hiatus. Pradip suggested this song way long back and here it is-- the final product.

Honestly had a real tough time pronouncing the Na and Nha sounds in Malayalam. Since I am predominantly a Tamizhachi, I have never had to fight constantly between Na and Nha in most of my native tongue songs as against in Malayalam where these 2 are present in every 2nd word literally !!! Had almost given up when Pradip really took pity on me and decided enough is enough and said "Ok-- I guess you are fed up with me, so I decided not to bug you anymore".

** A bow & a relieved smile**

I don't know whether Pradip is left handed, but we have a saying in TamilNadu as "Left-la aduchaar da!" [Just an indication that one can do what ever they do best with their 'left hand' inspite of being right handed predominantly] That's about the only phrase I can think of right now after I heard the final mixed version. It is truly a pleasure to sing alongside an awesome talent like him!!

Song: Swayamvara Chandrigae
Movie: Chronic Bachelor
Music by: Deepak Dev
Originally rendered by Jayachandran and Sujatha
Rendered by Pradip & Meera
Mixed by Pradip

Swayamvara Chandrigae | Music Codes

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Vizhiyil Vizhundhu

© Manohar 2006

Been donkeys years since I posted anything. Well, however the donkey now decided to bray and here's the result *LOL*

I still distinctly remember this movie, being the controversial dig it was at intercaste marraiges. Created an uproar then. Actually coming to think about it, not a bad concept given the conservativeness TamilNadu was immersed in then. Probably still is....*ahem ahem*

Ilayaraja at this absolute best here- such evergreen ones! Ofcourse, my favourite was not the much acclaimed "Aayiram thaamarai" but the rather pleasant, amazing seconds laden "Kaathal Oviyam". I touched cloud nine when the latter became my maiden stage song when Thillana launched way back in 2000.

This song featured today has an especially amazing quality to it.
Reasons: set in Suddha dhanyaasi which in itself is such a mesmerizer, the way the orchestration has been woven into the song, and to top it all the light jathi which accompanies the 1st interlude giving a wee bit more insight into what IL is - a strong propogator of melody and a stickler to structure.

There is a lot of confusion as to who rendered the female part, B.S.Sasirekha or Jency. I debated that and finally decided to take my ears into consideration alongside some reliable music portals information. So BSS it is....

Murali sent me this karaoke ages ago and has shown considerable restraint in not reminding me no more than once a week (-: Thanks for the karaoke Murali. always criticisms are welcome. Well for accolades, I accept Mastercard and Visa *Grin*

Song: Vizhiyil Vizhundu
Movie: Alaigal Oyvathillai
Music by: Ilayarajaa
Originally rendered by: IL and B.S.Sasirekha.
Sung by: Pradip & Meera
Karaoke track by: Murali
Mixed by: Pradip

Gems of Ilayaraaja: Vizhiyil Vizhundhu (cover version) with Pradip Somasundaran | Online recorder