Thursday, February 08, 2007

A gem rejuvenated after nearly 21 years!!

Its been a little more than a year since I started audioblogging. Many hits and misses but nonetheless thoroughly enjoyable ones to say the least. Thanks to each one of you for extending your overwhelming support in keeping this audioblog running.

This movie had more than an average storyline, simple screenplay, a complex, controversial core theme (Hindu/Christian love triangle) and shooting off the charts songs. Ilayaraaja was considered first among equals then although in reality he was riding the crest wave of success alone--way above his peers. Each and every song in this movie is a gem, situational at best and bringing out the rustic folk theme of down south Tamil Nadu.

This specific song "Kodyilae" is a beauty in itself, the major part of it being infused by none other than P.Jayachandran and Janaki ( a few of IL's staple singers then). A simple yet constantly hummable melody that captures one's heart beyond words.

Pradip & I have given this a shot. Please do leave your valuable comments so we know where we upped and dipped :)

Song: Kodiyilae Malliyappoo
Movie: Kadalora Kavidhaigal
Music by: Ilayaraaja
Originally sung by: P.Jayachandran & S.Janaki
Rendered by Pradip Somasundaran & Meera Manohar
Mixing credits: Pradip Somasundaran

Kodiyilae malliyappoo | Music Codes