Thursday, October 09, 2008

13.1 miles done and a song to follow it up :)

Sunday last, managed to finish a half marathon . Clocked 2H and 58 mins!! It was awesome and probably one of the most life changing experiences I have had until now. 

Now, to the main action item :D

Arun GS suggested this song ages ago, been more than a couple of months I would guess. Somehow, life was happening in the last couple of months with additions, subtractions and what nots. So, thanks to you Arun, for being a patient soul :-)

This is a Malayalam number that I have attempted after a very very long time. Think the last song I sang from "Gods own country" was with Pradip Somasundaran almost a year ago!!! Well, time to revisit again...

Song: Maaya Manchalil
Movie: Ottayaal Pattalam
Music Director: Sharath
Originally rendered by: G.Venugopal & Radhika Tilak
Cover version by: Arun GS & Meera Manohar

Please do let us know how it sounded. Valare nanni!