Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kanda Naal Mudhalai..

Swarasthaanam completed 2 years this February. And, I vanished off the face of the blogging world for 9 long months!!

Well, as many of you might already know, my son Ayush came along in June of last year. He's almost 9 months, a happy-go-lucky child with a long tail that needs to be constantly tucked in!! As for life, it's filled with a pair of tiny feet which makes every passing minute memorable & absolutely adorable which I never thought possible...

Last year was pretty good, *eventful* is the right word I guess. Got to meet Anup Menon in June although wish he had stayed for a longer time!! New years was good, spent a little differently-- hitting the pillow before midnight for a change. And finally met up with Murali Venkatraman aka MS of dhool forum -- after nearly a year and a half of being in touch via phone and IM's. We thought of recording something in those 5 days that he stayed with us, but then, Ayush was too intent on pulling his glasses every conceivable chance the kid got-- so one might say it didn't exactly work out as expected ;-)

Finally, here is a song after a long break. Thanks Jo for mixing the song.

Kanda naal mudhalai | Music Codes

Song: Kanda naal mudhalaai
Movie: Kanda naal mudhal
Originally rendered by: Subhiksha & Pooja

Music by: Yuvan shankar Raja
Mixed by: Jo

I picked this song as a comeback one since I am reminded of Ayush everytime I hear this. So, welcome Ayush into this beautiful wonderful world (a little late in welcoming, but nonetheless :)