Sunday, September 24, 2006

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Tuet --Jo, Vidyu and Myself

Yet another malayalam number but a tuet (3 of us) this time.

It was real weird when Jo sent me this song and said "you know what? I don't have an MP3 of this and neither can I find one on the net. So, here's a file which I sang so you can listen to it and learn" Ofcourse I reacted more to the information on this song than the actual song itself!! I had definitely heard of it, but didn't know where and when!?!

I listened to it and was pleasantly thrilled to find that the same song exists in Tamizh (Poongaaviyam- from Karpoora mullai; KJY, P.Susheela and Chitra). I quickly pinged Jo to let him know that I know the song even before I heard the 2nd word in entirety. So end result was I never heard the malayalam version since I knew the Tamizh one.

In the Tamizh version, this is picturised on Amla and Srividya. They are getting together when the latter comes to know that Amla is indeed her daughter. As expected emotional river drowns both of them and the rendition reflects it. So I visualised that scene when I sang what seemed to be Amla's parts since I followed after Vidyu started and Srividya starts in the movie (-:

I still remember this line "mounam polum paadum, kaalam ennum thengum" where Amla is shown sobbing while singing. So, you might find that line a little hesitant, weak and it is intentional.

Now, I am sure folks are wondering this long long drawn out rant about the song. This is infact the anticipatory bail I am taking for that single line in the song *LOL*

Jo & Vidyu are huge success stories in their own right, so guess I shall invite you to listen now...

Movie: Ente Soorya Puthrikku
Music by Ilayaraaja
Originally sung by KJY, P Susheela and Chitra
Sung by Jo, Vidyu & Meera

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