Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mannippayaa (cover version) with Unnikrishnan K.B

Probably the hardest song I have done to date emoting wise…given that literally each word had a different conflicting emotion attached to it OR that’s what I took away from the original when I heard it the first time. Unnikrishan KB has lent the male vocals for this, and as always, been really emotive-his signature :)

The k-track didn’t have the initial backing chords as in the original. So in came Bala Thanks a ton for doing that, you gave it the apt start it needed :)

Thanks Pradip for taking the time to sit on this cover, and for your himalayan patience with every nit and grit that I threw at you about the mixes you sent me!!

Movie: Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya
Original music by: A R Rahman
Originally sung by: ARR & Shreya Ghosal
Cover version by: UnniKrishnan KB & Meera Manohar
Backing vocals and harmonies: Meera Manohar
Initial chords by: Balamurali Balu
Mixed by: Pradip Somasundaran

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Mannippaayaa (cover version) with Unnikrishnan K B | Upload Music

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Etho Januvary Maasam (cover version) from Orkkukka Vallapozhum

Heard this first in Jo’s voice quite a while ago, and recently by Unni. Thanks Unni for the track and lyrics.

Sorry for the slips in diction, have tried my best not to butcher it…

Movie: Orkukka Vallappozhum
Original Music : M Jayachandran
Lyrics : Girish Puthenchery
Originally sung by : Shwetha Mohan/Karthik
Cover version: Meera Manohar
Mix: Meera Manohar

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etho januvary maasam
manassiloreeran niramizhi pole
oru kaikumbilil naru venpoovumaay
ithal nerthorormayaay vannu nee (etho januvary)

Annunin nizhalpolumen
mazha chaRunna chiRakinmel chanju ninnu
pinne nin kanavaleyen
viralthedunna swaramellam kettu ninnu
oru manisalabham swayam- urukumor-uyiril
parayaatha nombarangal pankidaam
ini etho januvary maasam
manassiloreeran niramizhi pole (Etho Januvary)

Annunin chiripolumen
nurayolunna kadalinmel peythirangee
pinne njan sruthiyayi nin
mozhimoolunna paattellaam ettupaadi
iniyoru nimisham
pularkaala sooryanay virinjidaam (etho januvary…)

Etho Januvary Maasam (cover version) from Orkukka Vallappozhum | Upload Music