Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blogswara V5 released!!


Blogswara Version 5 has released. I am sure you would have checked out the teasers that were posted a week ago. 

I have sung Poothaadum Poongaavanam, a Tamizh number in this version along with Vijay S. Please do listen and let us know how you liked it. Music is by Vijay S and orchestration by Nishanth Mani

Thanks a ton to Nishanth who burnt the midnight oil and mixed every draft version that was sent to him :)

This version has many different kinds of original compositions, so please listen to all the songs and let the artists know how it sounded
Thanks much!!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Ninaithu- Shreya Ghosal at her best

This was my first post almost 3 years ago, but sans K-track though. Found this somewhere quite a while ago, and I  just, just couldn't resist the awesome K-track , so here it is.. encore

Probably one of the slow ballads of Yuvan Shankar Raja's that has managed to stay on my mind for quite a while now. Pity it didn't get featured in the movie. Female version is by Shreya and I think she has done an amazing job on it. Somehow, the male version by KK somehow didn't impress me that much, which is very surprising since I think KK rocks in similar songs.

This K-track starts with one of the most beautiful instrumental pieces which was featured in the movie. Following that comes the actual song.. 

Dedicated to my better half.... for his upcoming birthday! Advance Happy Birthday, Manu :)

Movie: 7G rainbow colony
Music by: Yuvan Shankar Raja
originally sung by: Shreya Ghosal
Cover version by: Meera Manohar

Ninaithu Ninaithu paarthaal | Music Codes

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Blogswara (BLS) Version 5 teasers

Blogswara aka BLS , the online collaboration between musicians worldwide is set to launch its 5th version on 12th December 2008. 

Below, you will find song teasers from this version. Tons of new talents and fresh ideas, so please do check it out when you find the time. 

I have sung a Tamizh number "Poothaadum Poongaavanam" alongwith Vijay S in this version. Music by Vijay S and Orchestration by Nishanth Mani. 

Thanks for supporting and encouraging this effort!