Wednesday, May 24, 2006

BlogSwara hits the net today @ 11.30am PST


BlogSwara, an online music album put together by many audiobloggers around the world and principally fuelled by Joseph Thomas is releasing today @ 11.30am PST (12am IST on 25th May).

This album has multitude of talents ranging from composers, orchestrators, lyricists and singers. The songs will be available for download from the blogswara website.

Your comments and criticisms are deeply appreciated!

Thnx to all who have/are supporting us in this venture

Friday, May 19, 2006


Where: Good Ol' Singggggara Chennaeeeei ( read as how the new age VJ's pronounce Tamizh)
When: My Undergrad days
Imp., note: Decided to do this song.

It just so happened that I was one among the 2 in our group who could *really sing* some of the sangathis in this song. This number was narrowed down as an entry to the group competition and we 2 were definitely not a group by any stretch of imagination. So me-- the royal pain that I am, took it up as a challenge to get the group to sound as one, to break all predictions, change the face of the department and uphold the name, blah blah blah!!

Every one of us got to see each other more than necessary in the 2 weeks that ensued. But, little did I realise at the end of 2 weeks that we were still stuck in the 1st line, specifically the word Thaazhthiraavaai. Somehow to my ears, the notes never felt right. My ears seemed to perceive it as the oddest notes ever, and invariably I ended up saying *CUT* and each practise session was more of a bottomless pit akin to an Akshaya Pathiram

So when Murali suggested this song, I was so overcome by nostalgia that I gladly agreed. One thing that worried Murali immensly (as I was led to believe later ofcourse) was whether our roles would be reversed, and if I would don the taskmaster's role? Would he have to sing Thaazzhhh..thiiiraa...vaaaaiiiiii again and again and again?

Pssttt.. It was only 2 months ago that I found out how much my juniors 'liked' me!(?) Every weekday/weekend for a month to learn just one line?? What a way to remember??? *LOL*

Song: Poonkadhavae
Movie: Nizhalgal
Music by Ilayarajaa
Originally rendered by Deepan Chakravarthy & Uma Ramanan
Sung by Murali & Meera

Poongadhavae | Music Codes

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Harris's Trump card ..... atleast then!!

A song which tossed Bombay Jayashree from a rather disciplined sampradaayam laden South Indian Classical Music into the Tamil film music arena. Incidentally, she was launched by yet another success story of today-- Harris Jayaraj.

Thanks ML for the karaoke track....

Movie: Minnale
Music by Harris Jayaraj
Originally rendered by: Bombay Jayashree
Sung by Meera

Vaseegara | Music Codes

Monday, May 01, 2006

Alaipaayudhae....en manam

An almost month long un-intended sabbatical and I am back with a song requested by a friend. This gaanam also has the honour of being one of the most sought after songs in classical dance circles for eternity now. Needless to mention, this composition has ARR's style stamped all over it!

Sunitha, here is the song in your honour. So simply enjaay maadi....

Movie: Alaipaayudhae
Music by ARR
Originally rendered by Kalyani Menon, Harini & Neyveli Ramalakshmi
Sung by Meera Manohar & Meera Manohar (-:

Alaipaayudhae | Music Codes