Friday, May 19, 2006


Where: Good Ol' Singggggara Chennaeeeei ( read as how the new age VJ's pronounce Tamizh)
When: My Undergrad days
Imp., note: Decided to do this song.

It just so happened that I was one among the 2 in our group who could *really sing* some of the sangathis in this song. This number was narrowed down as an entry to the group competition and we 2 were definitely not a group by any stretch of imagination. So me-- the royal pain that I am, took it up as a challenge to get the group to sound as one, to break all predictions, change the face of the department and uphold the name, blah blah blah!!

Every one of us got to see each other more than necessary in the 2 weeks that ensued. But, little did I realise at the end of 2 weeks that we were still stuck in the 1st line, specifically the word Thaazhthiraavaai. Somehow to my ears, the notes never felt right. My ears seemed to perceive it as the oddest notes ever, and invariably I ended up saying *CUT* and each practise session was more of a bottomless pit akin to an Akshaya Pathiram

So when Murali suggested this song, I was so overcome by nostalgia that I gladly agreed. One thing that worried Murali immensly (as I was led to believe later ofcourse) was whether our roles would be reversed, and if I would don the taskmaster's role? Would he have to sing Thaazzhhh..thiiiraa...vaaaaiiiiii again and again and again?

Pssttt.. It was only 2 months ago that I found out how much my juniors 'liked' me!(?) Every weekday/weekend for a month to learn just one line?? What a way to remember??? *LOL*

Song: Poonkadhavae
Movie: Nizhalgal
Music by Ilayarajaa
Originally rendered by Deepan Chakravarthy & Uma Ramanan
Sung by Murali & Meera

Poongadhavae | Music Codes


Nalini said...


Excellent! Onnum vaarthaye varalai. Ippo oru conflict; I used to be Deepan's fan for this song. Deepan C. kku dhrogam panna manasu varalai.

You got my point, right? Way to Go!


Awesome performance! Azhagaa irrukku unga voice!

Aiyo Murali paithiyam podhaadhunnu Meera paithiyamum pidichudum pola irrukke..

Looking forward to more and more Goldies from you both!


Anand Prabhu said...

Wornderful rendition by u tooo... first listen.. i thought the beats in the karaoke were a bit fast than the original.. but it seems ok... super cool song selection.. nalla padi irukeenga...

Old is gold... and u have made us to enjoy this one.. thanks for singing the beautiful song...

bharat said...

The song.....One of my all time favourites. Amazing violin arrangements. Wonderful job you two.

A couple of observations

@Murali - Have you sung it as "Poongadhavil? Which is rite? Poongathavil makes a lot more sense, but I guess 90 pc. of the world thinks otherwise.

And, your voice is subdued. yaennu therla. and, anganga thaniya kaekkardhu.

@Meera - Well sung. The write up was equally enjoyable. :) Humming bOdhu volume konjam thookkalaam.

Ganesh said...
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Ganesh said...

One of my favourite song
well sung by both of you
not an easy song to sing
esp all those sangthis.

Good job

Jo said...

Beautiful song! Listening to the song for the first time. The humming and the sangathis etc are superb guys. :-) I enjoyed it thoroughly. Both of you have done an amazing job!!!

Injikadan Mathai said...

first time i'm hearing this awesome performance murali and meera...wonderful job guyss...raring to go back to the original...keep em cominggg

Murali said...

thx folks.

bharat :

apdiya kEetudhu ? I sang it as poonkadhave only. And regarding the voice volume levels, both of us are still struggling to learn about it. Will do better in the future songs.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Very well done Murali/Meera.

I feel there is more clarity in the dialup version? Not sure why.

Anyways, I also find the song a little too fast !

Murali, I've left a msg about it to you as soon as I listened!

Deepan Chakravarthy hit the bull's eye with his song. I love his voice...!! Murali you have done a great job here.

Meera - Bhavam ellam super. You've done a great job.!

So next song - suggestion
Deepan/Uma ramanan

Sevvandhi pookkaLil seitha Veedu!

One of my favorites.

Meera Manohar said...


Interestingly, I find the broadband version clearer than the dial-up version. Also checked my upload/link specifications-- it matches.


.::sruthi.layam::. said...

One of my fav song, loved the way you have done the humming in this song. way to go guyz!

ann said...

First time listening to the song, but sounds really gud. n ofcourse, the humming is too gud , did a gud job ;;) both of you .

ann said...

After listening to this, I have a song request.

"Paadava un paadalai .." from the movie "Naan Paadum Paadal" ..

Would love to listen it in your voice..

Thanks in advance :0)


Pradip Somasundaran said...

Good effort Meera.. But yes as the others have commented, it's not the singing that is the problem but the quality of your voices. Your voice levels do not match..and Murali..could have done better. Voice wavers at many parts...On your blog I have found that you have sung many songs exceptionally well! But still I enjoyed the song as I used to do in my college days....Wow what a nostalgic feeling this song gives...Keep posting such songs....

Nyneishia said...

Deepan's unique voice.. sure did the trick for this song.. And a beautiful composition. Lol.. Meera.. i have a story attached to this song.. not too long ago though..Thanks for starting my saturday with hearty giggles thinking abt it.

Nicely sung both of u. mm some vol n other technical grounds that has been covered by others.

Radhika said...

A beautiful song and very nicely sung, both of you...quite a tough song, i think....
Enjoyed the anecdotes and brought back memories of college days and similar situations......
The first thing that struck me was the music was too fast...But you both managed to fit in the sangathis to the faster beat quite beat

Radhika said...

quite beat=> quite well.. that's what i meant.. sorry...

Anonymous said...

Hi Murali,
That was simply superb try...guess more and more practice and singing would make you guys experts..hey mira sings really well give an intro to her...
Note:Mom also appreciated your work

Poornima said...

Thanks for reminding yet another nostalgic song. Good singing by both of you.

krk said...


This blog is awesome...I am throughly enjoying the class of effort putforth by lot os people. Great effort guys....Though, i donot know much about the technalities of Music and singing, i have the ability to appericiate the effort,by people who have just performed amazingly...Keep coming...

Hats OFF

kaunquest said...

Meera, Murali, Great work!

Barani said...


Awesome !! Very well sung. Humming super. Kalakitteenga !! wonderful control and coordination.


Neyar Viruppam : Valai osai from Satya .

Murali said...

Thanks to all the people who have commented and commended. Will do better in future songs. ANd meera, always a pleasure to work with you.

Meera Manohar said...

Second Murali's observations on commenting and commending.

Likewise here Murali.. absolutely an enriching experience to work with you!

Priyai said...

Meera, I guess all your weekend and weekday practices years ago finnaly paid off ;-))

Beautiful song, Very well sung!!Awesome guys!!! Humming was fab!!

Murali, great voice just needs to fine tuned a teeny bit more for this song...

great job!!!

Anonymous said...

nice appeared like you've sung the lines "mangal vAzhtholi geetham" as "mangala vAththoli geetham"...quack..quack...:-)

Anonymous said...

jokes apart, the rendition is quite good and both of you've done a fabulous job in getting the mood right

Anonymous said...

hi, this has for long been a favourite of mine - i have always wondered what happened to deepan chakraborthy ..

but then nizhalkal has more great songs - like ponmalai pozhudu...hv u seen the movie?

u hv done a good job, murali well,sounds a bit dull overall. a little treble boost may have helped!!

Maddy -

p.s hv to do this as anonymous since i am on beta blogger and a bug prevents commenting

Mala said...

today only i come to know abt ur blog and i did really n'joyed all the songs espl: poogathavil....Murali and meera u guys r blessed with fabalous voice...

All the Best and God Bless u all

Awatts said...


Great rendition. One of my favorites again.

Meera -- Perfectly rendered.
Murali -- Thaz thiravai in the beginning is different from the original - dunno if that was intentional.

Good job. Keep us treated!

Preethi said...

Meera, Preethi here... Do you guys have a music band or something??? You guys sing lovely... and this's one of favorites... Murali.. try singing bold..ur voice is really good... Meera, this song is pretty difficult to sing since it has a classical touch to it.. you've done a good job... :) great going