Saturday, April 08, 2006

Aiympulangalil ondru...

This song from the movie Rhythm depicted Kaatru. Set to music by ARR, this number was a smash, instant hit in the south when it released. Sung by Unnikrishnan & Kavita Krishnamurthy.

Anand & I have attempted to create our version here...


Madhse said...

impressive.. this song looks like a tough one and both of u did an excellent job.. that high pitch.. low pitch adadaa..

madras Tamil : super
malayalam: adi poli
hindi: sabbash
mr burns: excellent..
telugu: manchi baaga undhi

romba overa irukka.. seri i stop

Meera Manohar said...

Thnkkoo Madhu-- final-a kettuttae !!!


Krishna said...

Anand and Meera,
Kaetten. Rasithen. Sounded great. Great going you two. Excellent choice of song as well.


BlueByrd said...

Beautiful love song !

Good effort by Anand just that in certain places the volume dipped a bit apart from that neat work !

Meera romba casuala niruthi nidhaanama paadiruke...nalla irukku !

=d> Keep up the good work both of you !!

rags said...

Title Aimpulangalil ondru seems incorrect. Panjapoothangalil ondru nu irukanum.

Pancha Bootham refers to the five elements of nature namely earth, water, fire, sky and air.

Netru nee enga irundhainu pronounce panni irukeenga meera :) Michabadi nanna irukku.

Meera Manohar said...

Rags: I knew that b4 I posted it. My take on the title was only to draw a parallel between the smell (aiympulangal) and Kaatru (panchaboothangal).

Just an arbitrary title yet related enough to convey the importance of the theme, which was kaatru.

Thnx for pointing it out though..

Jo said...

Awesome job Meera. Loved your part a lot.

Jeevan said...

Your Tamil pronunciation is very clear, wonderful voice Meera. anand singed well. :)

Murali said...

nalla attempt paNNi irukkeenga.


sangeetha mEgam miga arumaiyaaga paadi vittu, indha paattil konjam avasarap pattu paadi irukkaramaadhiri oru uNarvu. innum konjam gavanam seluththinaal kEtpadhaRku kooduthalaaga inimaiyaaga irukkum. oru paadalai paadum munnar adhan siru siru asaivugaL ellaavatraiyum gav aniththu paarththu paaduvathu oru nalla paadaganukku azagu. un paattil bhaavam nandraaga irukkiRadhu. konja swarap payiRchi mERkoNdaal, innum nandraaga paada mudiyum


nalla paadirukke. aanaal, kuralai nandraaga padham seydhu koNdu paadinaal kural piridhal pOndra pirachchanaigaL varaadhu. sangathigaL ellaam pramaadham. men melum nandraagap paada vaazththukkaL.

Meera Manohar said...


Thanks for all the encourgement and tips. Sure will take it up seriously


Anand Prabhu said...

thats was great working with meera... all thanks for the appreciations and tips... we shall definitely do a better job next time...:) thanks a lot

Narayanan Venkitu said...


Very well done. So you've sung with

Jo/Anand/Murali/Bluebyrd, SOLO..!


Keep up the good work!

PS - Pls. Listen to the Sujatha song from Madhuchandralekha..its awesome! Maybe you can try it.!

madhavan kutty said...

Hi Meera,
Very well sung, Anand has a very good voice. Certainly looking forward to more from the duo! Anand, that occassional strain in pitch that crept in- I am sure, wont be there again.Meera is just superb.
Looking forward to "Paadaanum" from Madhuchandralekha, (as NV suggested).
Another one that will suit your voice- "Monalisa" by Mahathi in Thiridiya Idhayathe.
best wishes!!

Ganesh said...

Meera-well sung
Anand-you have a very good voice all it needs is more practise.
Sruthi box vaachu practise pannunga.

There was some time lag in the karokee I guess.

Janani Vasu said...

came here from anand's blog...WOnderful!!! I heard all the songs here....just have an awesome voice. Keep posting more..will be a regular visitor from now on :D

sdpal said...

You guys did a good job on this song.
I felt like the song echoed, a little bit (maybe some recording issue).

Radhika said...

Why the long break from posting songs, Meera? ARe your still nursing your throat back to health?
I hope both you and your voice are doing well...

Anonymous said...

Meera You have a great voice...