Thursday, October 09, 2008

13.1 miles done and a song to follow it up :)

Sunday last, managed to finish a half marathon . Clocked 2H and 58 mins!! It was awesome and probably one of the most life changing experiences I have had until now. 

Now, to the main action item :D

Arun GS suggested this song ages ago, been more than a couple of months I would guess. Somehow, life was happening in the last couple of months with additions, subtractions and what nots. So, thanks to you Arun, for being a patient soul :-)

This is a Malayalam number that I have attempted after a very very long time. Think the last song I sang from "Gods own country" was with Pradip Somasundaran almost a year ago!!! Well, time to revisit again...

Song: Maaya Manchalil
Movie: Ottayaal Pattalam
Music Director: Sharath
Originally rendered by: G.Venugopal & Radhika Tilak
Cover version by: Arun GS & Meera Manohar

Please do let us know how it sounded. Valare nanni!


Koshy said...

Meera & Arun...
Beautiful voices, rendered nicely :)

thank you for the wonderful song

Kiranz..!! said...

Wow..a mystified performance by both of you..!

Arun,i think this is one of your best renditions.

Meera,as usual,rocking star on audio blog.

I would say its a tough melody for singers,composed by Sharath,though it sounds simple for listeners (Sharath always does the same magic)

Arun G S said...

Meera, First of all Thanks a lot for singing this song with me. :-)
What to say .. You are really rocking.!!! Excellent.

.:: ROSH ::. said...

waah that was lovely, well done Meera & Arun

Narayanan Raju said...

Nicely sung by both of you.

Mad Max said...

Song: Meera and Arun...awesome performance guys...excellent song selection and super cool rendition

Running: Meera..

Run, run, run away...
Like a train runnin' off the track..
Got the truth bein' left behind.. (note this point)
Standin' on broken dreams (note this too)
Never losin' sight or (weight), ah...

more job...naan escappeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Madhse said...

good stuff guys..
a thought.. how about posting the lyrics of songs you sing in ur site somewhere

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

Very nicely done, both of you!

Vignesh Subramanian said...

Call it a co-incidence.. A week ago, a Malayali friend suggested this song and thats when I heard it for the first time. I was honestly blown over by such a clean and technically correct Hamsadhwani (although the arrangement is liberal..)

And here it is again in your audio blog.

Both of you have done the song proud through a spotless rendition. Its a pity that such quality gems are not known outside Kerala. Blogs such as yours do a great deal of good by making it reach a wider audience. Keep going..

With Love

Deblina M. said...

Very nicely done Arun & Meera. Very moelodious !


Bassix said...

Nice rendition!! This is the first time I am listening to Sharath's composition and it was simply great! Like one of them commented, I think your blog has helped non-Keralites like me to get to know such songs.

- Krishna T.

Murali said...

A strangely simplistic orchestration from sharath. Have not heard the original.

Arun : When the song started I was wondering if it was you or M.G.Sreekumar. Your voice resembled his a lot.

Meera: A little classical at places "kathiraamabal". Is that how the original sounds ? I have not heard it. But nonetheless very much in tune with the orchn.

Good job u both.

Manjari said...

That was very nice... do update more often

Anonymous said...

Both your voices sounded very sweet. Song selection was super.

Sahana Kashyap said...

Hi Meera,

Very nicely rendered, as always. I love the way you modulate your voice.


I got inspired by the audio blogs and this is a small start from me. It has always fascinated me to sing challenging numbers


Carpe Diem said...

Hi. Came to your blog through Murali's. This song is beautifully done! I think you have just the right timbre in your voice that suits a lot of songs. Great going.