Monday, September 26, 2011

Pichai Podu- Spoof done for the Kansas City Tamil Manram

Not been updating my blog since I seem to be more active on FB music page and Muziboo. Here's my attempt to post all my backlogged ones here :)

Was done way back in March 2011. Thanks to Raja Govindarajan for asking me to sing this for him. Took a lot of liberties in this and improvised it as I thought fit :) The original song is from the movie Gemini, and this title number was a runaway hit when it released. Given a rough translation so the song can be enjoyed by non-tamil speaking folks as well.

Original song: O Podu
Movie: Gemini
Original music by: Bharathwaj
Originally Sung by: Anuradha Sriram
Lyrics – Kamesh Sundaram and Raja Govindarajan 
Spoof version and mix: Meera Manohar
Muziboo comments on this post
Adapted for “Pichchakkaara Idol”, a spoof reality show mocking the splurge of reality shows. This was staged by members of the Kansas City Tamil Sangam recently. This number was part of a skit, a spoof, for one of the characters begging for alms. The lyrics reflect someone begging for food, in a lighter vein!
Hope you all enjoy listening to this!
Pasi edhukkudhu ammani ammani, Kaalu nadungudhu ammani ammani
(Hunger is calling, my legs are trembling)
Kaaliya kedakku vayiru ammani, Ammani ammani gavani gavani
(Tummy is empty, look at me lady!)
Kannusorugudhu ammani ammani, Kaadhaikkudhu ammani ammani
(My eyes are closing, my ears are blocked)
Karunai kaattu ammani ammani, Ammani ammani gavani gavani
(O take pity on me, lady, give me some attention, lady!)
Ammaani ammani ammani ammani, Gavani gavani gavani gavani
(Oye Lady…….some attention this way, pls!!)
Kaal valikka aadugiraen micha sora kazhuvi kudu
(I am dancing to the point where my legs pain, why don’t you give me last night’s remaining food?)
Vadichedhudhum illaiyenna anju rooba alli podu
(No food, no problem….give me 5 rupees)
Pichai podu…….
(Give me alms……) Pasi edukkudhu
Uppilaadha uppuma kindaradhe thappamma
(It’s a blunder to make upma without salt)
Thappu neeyum senjuputta enakku kudamma
(but I will gladly take it if you have committed that blunder)
Kallu kalla sorudhaan ratthiryil thinnudhaan
(Each rice grain that I ate from last night was rock hard)
Kalleeral kettu poi kenji kekkuraen
(that my intestines went for a toss!)
Vayir niraiya soru potta vaai neraiya vaazhthuvaen
(I will hold you on a pedestal if you give me food)
Oosi pona vadaiya potta unga appan pera thittuvaen
(but a spoilt vadai from you will make me curse your dad!)
Annathae annathae, alandhu podu annathae
(brother, birother, give me more)
Pannadai pottavan naan, pizza thinna ennatha
(wearing trashy clothes, how can I eat a pizza???)— okay I am not sure how to translate the last 2 lines :)))
Egypt-ula endhugiraen Pyramid-ula pichai podu
(I ask for alms in Egypt, why don’t u give me some near the Pyramids)
Giza-la kenjugiraen Sphinx pakkam chillra podu
(By the Giza I beg for food, why don’t you throw me some remaining change standing by the sphinx!)
Pichai podu………. (Give me alms!!) – Pasi edukkudhu

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