Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kannalane ( cover version )- Bombay

My dad completed 74 years on 26th of April. My love for music is definitely partly from him. He is very loyal to C.Ramachandra, the VR combo, G.Ramanathan, Ilayaraaja amongst a notable few. But somehow along the way, think he froze in time…… ARR is not someone he really acknowledges, so this is yet another attempt of mine to make him see that ARR can rock too :)

Best wishes on your birthday Appa, hope you have many more healthy birthdays to come!

Monster of a song by Chitra, and just an absolutely beautiful melody by ARR. Somehow I always envisioned this as an emotional roller coaster, thanks to each line showing a conflicting emotion. Hope you all enjoy this.

Movie: Bombay
Original music by: A R Rahman
Originally sung by: Chitra
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Cover version & Mix: Meera

Kannaalane from Bombay by meera manohar


madhavan kutty said...

Excellent. The opening "kannalane" proably needed a wee bit more sustain..
Yeah, a tribute to Chitra, who deserves all our prayers and love in her hour of tragedy.
With prayers for Chitra and est wishes to you.
Madhavan kutty

Anne said...

Hi Meera,
Lovely song and your singing is absolutely delightful!

I'm writing on behalf of an e-magazine named Women's Web (http://www.womensweb.in/). We are featuring talented hobby bloggers and would like to feature you for Music. Would you be interested? Please drop me a mail at anne.john@womensweb.in and I will contact you with all further details. Hope to hear back from you soon Meera!

Anne John
Digital Publishing Trainee@Women's Web

Meera Manohar said...

Thanks Madhavan!

Anne- welcome to my blog, thanks for offering to feature me. I have sent you an email.

Mukundh said...

You are singing much slowly than the original song. Not sure if it was intentional.