Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Parayaan Maranna (Outcast Vocals Cover)- Feat., Kaushik Srenevasan

This is the first post on my space for the year 2011, and my 6th year of audioblogging with 3 of that being on Muziboo. This is a wonderful music community which has helped me grow, improve, and in turn introduced some talented and enthusiastic musicians to interact with. Like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been regular visitors to this space. Your support & encouragement has meant a lot in the last couple of years…

I have known Kaushik for almost a year now, and he is easily one of the most soulful pianists I have ever come across. I am so glad to have collaborated with him especially for this number. He tailored the arrangement to my vocals instead of the other way around….quite an interesting experience for me. Thanks Kaushik for all your hard work— given that I had improvised quite a lot, I am sure it wasn’t easy :)

This cover also marks my first attempt at mixing everything from scratch. I had to learn about frequency of instruments, spatial placement of instruments, clashing of vocals with the other tracks et al. Thanks Bala and Jay for those numerous crash courses on mixing-couldn’t have gone this far without you both!

Was a challenging cover for me in every conceivable department, but the major head breaker personally was the language/diction. Know fully well it’s not perfect as it should be, but still something that I am proud that I gave a shot at that I wanted to share it, nonetheless. Apologize for some recording glitches, and those diction errors, which I am sure are lurking in almost every line. And as with every other cover of mine, you will find quite a few improvs here and there

Sounds better on headphones….and thanks for your time.

Parayaan Maranna…
Raagam: Jog
Original music by: Ramesh Narayanan
Originally sung by Hariharan
Cover version based on: Outcast Vocals (Neha Nair)
Original Arrangement by: Kaushik Srenevasan
Lead, Harmonies and Mix: Meera

Parayaan ( Outcast Vocals Cover)-Feat., Kaushik Srenevasan by meeramanohar


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed it very much. Beautifully done. That's an understatement. Mixing done like a pro. Did you synthesize your own karaoke track?

Meera Manohar said...

Thanks Anon., This arrangement was done by Kaushik, a fellow musician.