Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Discovering the footprints of Tyagaraja! - Original composition by Balamurali Balu feat., Pradip Somasundaran

My 4th original work with Bala, a good friend and a very talented composer! Pradip Somasundaran and I have tried to breathe life into this piece of music. To enhance your listening experience, I have attached a write up here which we would suggest that you read before you listen to the song. We believe it will most probably enhance your listening experience!
Thanks Bala for the opportunity, it’s always a unique experience working with you :) And here’s wishing you and Uma a wonderful anniversary!

As you wander past those aromatic, green Neem trees, the gorgeous, magical mist is right there, in front of you, beckoning you! It’s surreal yet compelling, so surreal, it makes you forget yourself. There’s just something about it that makes you want to touch it, and experience it in all its glory. This surreal reality touches you akin to how the gentle vibrations of musical notes would. Those notes, that you have been looking for all your life, or, have you? Don’t those gentle vibrations stir you deep down somewhere, tug at your very existence, in ways that you can never, ever express?
And, as you pass a clearing, you finally see something that lures you. You know it’s there, yet you can’t see it! Are those musical swaras? You don’t know, but whatever it is, you can sense it strongly. The excitement, and ambivalence of having just sensed it leaves you wanting for more, and your curiosity gently pushes you further.
As your legs fail to stop, the vibrations drifting alongside the gentle, calm breeze touches you in innumerable, yet unexplainable ways. You feel the vibrations, their frequencies, their harmonics……. So, which of those vibrations touches you the most, or is it a permutation combination of all of them, resulting in a complex progression? You have no clue, and as you go deeper and deeper, uncertainty invites you, to keep treading that path, to look for that part of you that has made you walk this far!
The mist finally dissipates, and you see those footprints clearly for the first time. You stop dead in your tracks, you look around….Is there someone to whom those footprints could belong? You try calling out, but all you hear is a reflection of yourself, your own voice! You look up, and one of deep realization hits you beyond imagination. The footprints belong to the great, legendary Saint Tyagaraja, whose eternal love for music is inside you, this very moment, right here, in this surreal yet irresistible place….
Friend, you just discovered the footprints of the one and only Tyagaraja! Hail Tyagaraja!
Song: Discovering the footprints of Tyagaraja 
Vocals: Pradip Somasundaran & Meera Manohar 
Mastering: Sunny@Staticwave 
Music: Balamurali Balu

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