Monday, November 15, 2010

Thathithom (K.S.Chitra cover)- Azhagan

This is considered one of Chitra’s anthems and definitely one of the most challenging numbers she has done, EVER! Amazing, absolutely brilliant composition by Maragathamani (aka Keeravani/M M Kreem). Lovely lyrics as well by Valee. The beauty of the song is the almost minimal/non-existent orchestration and her voice just filling the ears……

Here’s my humble attempt at it. It was a total monster roller coaster ride for me :)

Movie: Azhagan
Originally sung by: K.S.Chitra
Original music by: Maragathamani
Lyrics: Valee
Lead, harmonies and mix: Meera Manohar


thathithOm viththaigaL katridum thathaigaL sonnadhu thathithOm
thithithOm thathaigaL sonnadhu muthamizh endruLam thithithOm
sindhithAl thALam thAnE varugiradhu
thALam oru sugam rAgam oru sugam reNdum iNaigiradhu (thathithOm)

kaNNil pEsum sangeetha mozhiyadhu kaNNan aRiya oNNAdhathA
unnai thEdum yEkkathil iravinil kaNNukkimaigaL muLLAvadhA
kuzhalinil varAdha rAgam yAvum en kuralinil varAdhathA
endhan manamidhu endhan ninaividhu endrE purigiradhA (thathithOm)

vaNNa thOgai eNNangaL ivaiyena minnum vizhigal sollAdhathA
kaNNan mArbil ponnoosalAdida ennum iLamai pollAdhathA
yamunaiyil varAdha veLLam undhanin karuNaiyil varAdhathA
kAdhal oru vidha yAgam en kural kAdhil vizhugiradhA (thathithOm)

sa ri ga pa ma dha pa ma ga ri sariga sarigasariga sariga thathithOm

pa ma dha ni madhani madhani madhani Sanidhapa madhari gamapa padhanisariga thathithOm

sanisaSaSaSa dhaRinima padhaniSa RiGariga mapadhaniSa RiGaRi mapadha RiGaRi sariga RiGaRi Ri rimadhaRi rimadhaSa

Sanidhapama Sa nidhapamaga ri
ni dhapamagari sa dha pamagarisani ri

sarigasasa rigama dhapamaga rigamariri gamapa nidhapama gamapagaga mapadhamama padhanipapa
dhaniSaRiSani dhaniSaRiSani dhanisarisani dhanisarisani
sarigasariga sarigasariga sa
sarigamapadhaniSaRi GaRiSanidhapamagarisa GaRiSanidhapamagari riRigaGa Sanidha

en kaNNanE vA
un meerAvai nee ingu pArAyO
kAdhal vEdhanai
adhai enna enbadhu
ini/adhai engu solvadhu

hmmm….hmmmm…I love u….

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Aparna said...

Meera.. tough one, but excellent attempt! Very expressive!
"dhaniSaRiSani dhaniSaRiSani" - shruthi was not bang on here.
The transition at the end was good, could have been better.

Otherwise, I just loved it! adhai engu solvadhu line.. cute!

ashok said...

Layman as i am, I do not know the nuances of sruthi and sangathigal; but all that I can say is after reading your post and listening your rendition side-by-side with the lyrics, it was a nice evening for me.It was a coincidence that Meera (Manohar) sang a song of Meera (un Meeravai nee ingu parayo). The next time when I happen to hear this song in FM while driving, I will be reminded of this post. Your posts bring a different perspective to songs.

dolphin said...

Loved your rendition. Brilliant attempt, very close to the original. Did total justice to the song.Heard this song many a times (original as well as in singing competitons) but this was the best reproduction of the song. Keep up the good work