Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thendral Vandhu Theendum (cover version)-Avadhaaram

Been my long time dream to cover this song, probably ranks highest in my list of totally digged songs for many years now. This is basically a folkish kinda song, and intentionally have done it with a weirdly open throated tone (a sore one at that as well) in the hope of imparting that rustic, crude, and probably a little imperfect charm of the typical down south folk style. For those of you who don’t know Tamizh, the song is about a guy who describes how life around her is, to a blind girl. He tries to show her in words as to how colors, flowers and love look and feel, for instance. The picturization is also interesting for those of you who are visual buffs :) This is also yet another attempt of mine in changing lyrics to make this a female solo as well.

This goes out to my parents who are celebrating their 43rd wedding annivsersary today, and to my brother who celebrated his bday on Nov 14th… I owe my inculcation into music, fueling my interest to listen to all kinds of music amongst other things to the 3 of them! To top it all, all of them simply adore this song- guess that was good enough reason to attempt it. K-track is a bummer but some songs can’t be passed up =)

Guess, that’s quite a long write up from me!! So here goes….

Movie: Avadhaaram
Original music by: Ilayaraaja
Originally sung by: Ilayaraaja & S.Janaki
Original lyrics by: Valee
Lead vocals, backing vocals, harmonies & Mix: Meera Manohar
K-track: Balaji Seethaaraman
“Tweaking of ktrack” :) Balamurali Balu

Muziboo comments on this post



Awesome ! Its a great pleasure to hear this song ! Good job ! Thumbs up !

Mukundh said...

The starting vocals almost spoiled the song. I personally think a strong base voice is required to sing this song, which you noticeably don't have.

Meera Manohar said...

Thanks Inner Reflections and Mukundh. Appreciate the candid feedback!