Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nadhiyil aadum ( cover version ) with Raj

This cover has been pending for a really long time, and is one of my favourite numbers of Ilayaraaja. Guess this is one of the many movies of IL, where despite the movie being a big time flop, the audio cassettes sold by the thousands.

And, it’s a pleasure to have collaborated with Raj for this number. After a very long time, I am seeing someone who despite being untrained in any form of music sings absolutely effortlessly. Thanks Raj, it was good fun singing this with you.

The initial part until the pallavi/start of the song is from the original sound track. Also the k track has a click sound coming thru’out. Sorry about that!

Movie: Kaadhal Oviyam
Original music by: Ilayaraaja
Originally rendered by:
SPB, S.JanakI and Deepan Chakravarthy
Cover version by: Raj & Meera Manohar
Mixed by: Meera Manohar

Thanks for tuning in folks, and please leave a note if you like it :-)

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sdpal said...

Nice try to mixing with the original music in between. Overall, it was good. But missed a puch, compared to other posts.



A fabulous song selection !

And a great effort !