Sunday, October 17, 2010

Allegra (cover version) from Kandasamy

Have always found this song funny in a very odd way, for its absolutely nonsensical lyrics, and ofcourse the gibberish that comes as male chorus :)

We (Thillana) performed this in Oct of last year, and have had a kind of hate/love relationship with this number. I had tons of fun recording this, and hope you all enjoy listening….

Movie: Kandasaamy
Original music by: Devi SriPrasad
Originally sung by: Rita & Chorus
Lead vocals and backing harmonies by: Meera Manohar
Mixed by: Meera Manohar

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Allegra (cover version) from Kandasaamy | Upload Music


Akshay said...

A nice attempt considering your voice and range but I request you to please stop doing such songs. Lot of better songs await your voice.

Akshay said...
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