Thursday, September 16, 2010

Poraale.. A tribute to Swarnalatha

Swarnalatha, a singer par excellence passed away a couple of days ago at the age of 37. Blessed with a very unique tone, abundant versatility and a rich voice, she will be sorely missed in the years to come….

This is my attempt at one song of hers which was tough breathwise, lyrics/emoting wise owing to what the song means… It bagged her the National Award for the Best Female Playback Singer. I have tried to make a k-track myself since the ones I found were quite pathetic. Hopefully it doesn’t sound too bad!

Movie: Karuthamma
Originally rendered by: Swarnalatha
Original music by: A R Rahman
Original Lyrics by: Vairamuthu
Cover version: Meera Manohar
Mixed by: George Kuruvilla

Thanks for taking the time out to mix this, George.


sdpal said...

very good rendition Meera. Superb. Just the week before I was thinking, where she was hiding and not singing.. I thought maybe she got married or having a kid or something.. Too sad...

mrknaughty said...

nice work

Patricia Torres said...

Meera.. I've come thru Kamini's blog.. Your voice is simply amazing.. You are truly blessed... and talented.. Keep up the good work.. I'm here to stay and will surely listen to all the stuff you put up here... Bless you!!

Durga said...

It was indeed shocking to hear Swarnalatha's demise. Very good rendition since I actually felt this comes closest to the original song. We will surely miss her and hope Rahman revisits his music and composes such numbers once again.