Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Colonial Cousins 'Krishna' (cover version) with George Kuruvilla

George, somehow you have managed to make me sing my first English cover :=) So, thanks for asking me to sing this along with you.

And it is a wonderful coincidence that I am posting it today (Nov 11th), so here’s wishing Murali Venkatraman a very Happy Birthday!

Album: Colonial cousins
Original music by: Leslie Lewis & Hariharan
Originally sung by:Leslie Lewis & Hariharan
Cover version by:
George Kuruvilla & Meera Manohar
Harmonies by: George Kuruvilla & Meera Manohar
Mixed by: George Kuruvilla

Colonial Cousins "Krishna" (cover version) with George Kuruvilla | Upload Music


Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

Beautiful!! Enjoyed very much.
Meera- Krishna... lines awesome. Very good variations! I have always wanted to request you to sing something proper Carnatic; got a taste of it here- and you sounded real good :) Pl do Carnatic :)
George rocked as always!

Hemanth Sharma said...

I just got goose bumps... No words :)

Great work both of you!

madhavan kutty said...

GK and Meera,
Awesome job! Meera's Carnatic part was very good with the variations from the original, while the English part sounded a wee bit flat. GK was superb..
Keep it up guys..

Vidya said...

Amazing! I enjoyed this more than the original! Thanks Meera and George for a wonderful rendition :)

Abhi said...

Meera - awesome singing. You sound divine!

Meera Manohar said...

Thanks Sindhuja- yes I sure shall sing a classical and post :) Thanks for the request

Hemanth, Madhavan, Vidya & Abhijit -- thanks a ton for your time, and thoughts!

Akshay said...

I have to agree with Hemant's comment. Akka, your Carnatic part was very good with the variations from the original. It felt like I had been to the temple and returned. Akka, I felt the English portions of the song were a little too flat on your part. George was superb as usual. All in all, much better than the original. Looking forward for a classical song from you in future.

Durga said...

Hello Meera!! I found your voice very expressive. A brilliant attempt by both of you. I really liked the idea of doing the song as a jodi. George is any day better than Leslie Lewis. Meera, your "Krishna" lines were mind-blowing but the English lines sounded flat.