Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Rasiyaa (cover version) from Kurbaan

Black friday deals at most popular electronic stores typically have this “one” laptop with the most amazing config., but— there’s only one of it available. And, needless to say, some good soul lays his/her hands on it at unearthly odd hours in the AM.

This song rasiyaa is also like that one laptop, but it’s just that it can be hashed, rehashed and the types on a portal like Muziboo, and the audioblogging world. I am a sucker for low ranged songs, and am not an exception for having picked this song as well.

Thanks Kuhoo, for the track and Radhika for the track and the original MP3.

Movie: Kurbaan
Orginal music by : Salim Suleimaan
Originally rendered by: Shruthi Pathak
Lyrics by: Prasoon Joshi
Main Vocals, harmonies, added vocal effects & mixed by: Meera Manohar

Apprecaite your patience in listening to yet another cover of this song, and I am pretty sure this will not be the last either :P

Muziboo comments on this post


Vidya said...

One of the prettiest songs I've heard in recent times, and you do a great job rendering it :)

Especially the "Aaja rasiya mohe" variations - were very well done!

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

Classy rendition. Harmonies done very aesthetically as always!
Somehow not very fond of this song... may be coz of the cliched panthuvarali phrases- didn't find this very innovative compositionally.

Goley said...

Beautifully sung!! Kudos :) You should try Marjaawa from Fashion too..

Meera Manohar said...

Thanks Vidya and Sindhu

Goley- welcome to my block, and I have done Mar jaawaaan, you can find it on this blog by using the search box :) Thanks for visiting

shoba said...

classy... Visited Muziboo and listened to the others too.. Hmmm Wonder how I missed this song ( I mean listening :-) all these days.


Its been long since I heard a poignant rendition like this one.!
Penetrating !!
Way to go ! I liked this one very much !