Thursday, May 21, 2009

Phir Dekhiye from Rock On

Recorded this way back in December, actually my first proper Hindi number ;-) Had a problem with the track I got, and George from Muziboo recommended using Jay’s track. So, here it is, my attempt with from-the-scratch track done by Jay Swaminathan

Thanks George, for your patient reviews of Phir dekhiye, and the nitpicks, ofcourse :=D

Title:Phir dekhiye
Movie: Rock On
Original Singers: Caralisa Monteiro
Music Director: Shankar Ehsaan Loy

An absolute beauty by Caralisa. Jay, thanks for the track and your track makes all the difference to this cover.. awesome work on this number !

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Phir Dekhiye from Rock On | Upload Music


Anonymous said...

Too good as usual Meera!! :) Hats off to u!


Mad Max said...

SUPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...lovely song and beautifully covered..personally a little more feel would have made it divine....

Vidyu said...

Wow!! Meera!! kalakki!! ;)

Kaumudee said...

Meera...seriously, consider a name change from Meerabai to something sultrier; after hearing this version, you need to be named something like a femme fatale! Awesome rendition; your voice is so bassy and dare I say it, sexy. Love the overlaid alaaps and steadiness of the voice. I'm truly impressed by this rendition. Great job!