Friday, June 05, 2009

Mar Jaawaan ( Cover version )

One of the songs that had me totally hooked, in the current crop of hits, not that I listen to latest "any" music too much :-))

Song goes out to Manohar, my husband. This is for you Manu, for all your dedication and hard work towards the Big Sur marathon that happened in April 09. Congratulations!!! You have survived the beast aka the wind, and undoubtedly a brutally difficult course :-)

Some things you might want to know (aah, here it comes!)
1. Still striving to get my Hindi pronunciation right, hopefully would like to think I have got kHwaab & AnkHon ( at the very least) right this time 
LOL All your diction corrections and suggestions keep me going. So, thanks in advance!
2. Some improvs from the original. Have tried some classical stuff as well as a few straight western notes to keep the flavour of the song intact.
3. Changed my voice a little here and there to suit the mood. Hopefully the mood is conveyed :)
4. Played with the rhythm here and there :P

And yes, best enjoyed in headphones.

Movie : Fashion
Original Music by : Salim & Sulaimaan
Originally rendered by : Shruti Pathak and Salim Merchant
Main vocals, Harmonies/backing vocals and Mixed by: Meera Manohar

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Abhi said...

Love this song and loved your singing. Your voice sounds divine.

Hemanth Sharma said...

Just too melodious... amazing. :)

Loved it.

Keep them coming... All the best.

Kaumudee said...

Meera...seriously, consider a name change from Meerabai to something sultrier; after hearing this version, you need to be named something like a femme fatale! Awesome rendition; your voice is so bassy and dare I say it, sexy. Love the overlaid alaaps and steadiness of the voice. I'm truly impressed by this rendition. Great job!

Vijay said...

Meera, this is great! First time I'm hearing this song and it sounds awesome!! No worries - the pronunciation is perfect. I'm saying this by the power vested on me by the fine folks at Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha :)

Meera Manohar said...

Thanks Abhijit, Hemanth & kaumudee, for listening and your thoughts

Vijay-- hahaha, yeah I know :P Thanks for listening

Akshay said...

*Goosebumps* if I have to sum it up in one word. I was intrigued by Shruti's version as well. I liked the overlaid alaaps and the smooth steadiness in your voice. I have to agree with Kaumudee here. On the whole, the song sent out a very Western feel to it.