Saturday, May 02, 2009

Yamuna Veruthey (cover version)

Credit goes to Roshini for suggesting this song, taking the pains to send me the original and the an awesome k-track to back it with :) If not for you, I don’t think I would have listened to this song, and I ended up adoring it so much that I jumped my line of songs to do this one first *LOL*. This song goes out to you Rosh, and thanks for requesting this!!

The movie Ore Kadal ( a totally off beat film with brilliant performances by both Meera Jasmine and Mamootty, the former earning a Shantaram’s National Award & Kerala State Award) has music scored by Ouseppachan (earning a Kerala State award as well). Interesting tidbit about this album is that, all songs are in the raagam Subha Pantuvaraali, probably one of the most frequently used, to depict pathos/sadness/despair.

I know there are a lot of non-Malayalam speakers in the blog world, who still take the interest and time to listen, so here is a short description of what the song is about to help make your listening experience better.“Yamuna Veruthey” is about a woman who longs for her lover who has deserted her. She equates herself to Yamuna and her lover to Krishna also known as Nandalala (one of the many names Krishna is referred to by). So, there goes the general picture :) Add a lot of sadness and despair to the feel of the song and this is bound to be a haunter. Don’t forget to listen to the original by Shweta Mohan, D/O singer Sujatha.

Movie: Ore Kadal
Music by :Ouseppachan
Original by: Shweta Mohan
Main vocals and mixed by: Meera Manohar

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Yamuna Veruthey ( cover version) from Ore Kadal Upload Music


Vidya said...


Beautiful song, beautiful rendition! I've heard another song from Ore Kadal (oru Kadalai)... it is haunting and was sung stupendously by Vivekanandan in Idea Star Singer. (

Really enjoyed this one - keep them coming!


Vidyu said...

Lovely song..beautifully sung Meera :)

Reminds me of another malayalam song..used to be very popular those days....Mouname..Nirayum Mouname..

Vignesh Subramanian said...

Nice to hear some new and quality songs.. Tricky Raaga with not the usual notes and well handled.
Ousephachan is indeed a musician of credible quality.. He is a regular in all major orchestral works of IR (including How to name it) as a specialist Violinist;

Nice to know more of him through your blog.. You mentioned all the songs in this movie are Suba Banthuvarali.. Are there also songs for non-pathos situations in this movie..? that would be very interesting to hear..

With Love

ann said...

this is one of my favs. and you have sung it beautifully with all the right emotions .. very nicely rendered ..

Krishnan said...

Beautifully sung. I felt your voice match Meera Jasmine than Shwetha's. My 2 cents.