Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Munbe Vaa ( cover version ) with Karthik Nagarajan

Been more a year since I have had this song on my list, fervently searching for that voice which would re-create the magic that Naresh Iyer weaved when it released. And, I was fortunate enough to find Karthik Nagarajan, thanks to Sindhuja :-)

To me, this song is probably one of the best romantic melodies ever done by ARR, ofcourse not to mention Surya being featured :P

Thanks Karthik, it was really fun working with you, and here’s to more collaborations!

Movie: Sillunu Oru Kaadhal
Originally sung by: Naresh Iyer & Shreya Ghosal
Original music by:
Cover version by: Karthik Nagarajan & Meera Manohar
Female Backing vocals : Meera Manohar
Male backing harmonies: Karthik Nagarajan
Mixed by: Meera Ma

Muziboo comments on this song

Munbe Vaa ( cover version ) with Karthik Nagarajan | Online recorder


Vidya said...

Very good rendition! Your rendition evoked a lazy relaxation, which is slightly different from the original song's innocent romance.. but it worked well with your voices, so kudos!

Karthik - the harmonies sound flawless and blend very well, was pleasantly surprised by them!

Meera - Great end alaap, added that something extra to the song :)

Slight Sruthi hitches at some of the transitions and high notes, but apart from that, really enjoyed it!


madhavan kutty said...

Outstanding. Almost matched Shreya's innocence.. Karthik also did a wonderful job.
By the way, is it Kudivekkalama ( which is what the original sounds like) or Kudivekkalomo? (as Karthik sounds)
Also liked your Sangathis in the rpt pallavi after the second charanam...
Altogether an awesome result..!
best wishes
madhavan kutty


lovely song and sung very well by both of u.rangoli part is very good . how did u manage all that.i suppose that is kids play for u people is full of melody,melody and nothing else.keep it up. amma

Meera Manohar said...

Thanks Vidya, Madhavan & Amma... for your thoughts

VG said...

Yes. I love this song too.. (I am not tamil guy, but I have some collection). Also, I like Kadalukku Mariyadai songs..

Hey do you have list of songs like this one? clean and melody? I just need the song name & movie name..
venakt2ganesh at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Enchanting rendition of one of my favorite songs... Karthik's voice (and harmonies) is a wave of pleasure to the ears..