Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mayilirahae ( cover version ) with Pradip Somasundaran

A very beautiful romantic number from a rather lousy movie Ah Aah!! ARR has his real talent to rope in those perfect voices for his numbers and this is no exception. Naresh iyer identified with the 16+ dreamy eyed girls when he debuted in the Tamil music industry. Have never cared too much for Madhushree's voice. Like Sadhana Sargam's tone, infinitely better :)

Those of you who haven't watched this song, Please, I sincerely urge you to catch it on youtube so you can laugh your guts out :D Pity you-- ARR, one of your most beautiful melodies pictured this way.

Thank you Pradip, for asking me to sing this with you.

Song: Mayilirahe
Film: Anbe Aaruyire (Ah Aah)
Music A.R Rahman
Lyrics: Vaali
Original Singers: Naresh Iyer and Madhushree

Covered by: Meera Manohar and Pradip Somasundaran

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Vijay said...

Hi Meera,

This is a great rendition, both you and Pradip. I think it sounds great in headphones - maybe it's my computer-speakers!

Any chance you both will repeat this for the Marangothiye (Woodpecker) version?


Meera Manohar said...

Thanks Vijay, glad to know you liked it.

Sriks said...


I assume you modulated to meet the song's original voice. Sounds very close to original

Awesome again!