Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kangal Irandaal (cover version) with George Kuruvilla

Approached George with this song almost 2 months ago, and he fell in love with it, and the result is what you are about to hear. Thanks George for all your hardwork, because I am sure this song to you is akin to me doing hard metal or something! (line copyright George *LOL*) Your vocals shine through,  and doesn't fail to show a different personality in this piece. So, hats off to all your dedication :-)

And, Swarasthaanam completed 3 years in February. So, here's celebrating all the hits and the misses :))

As always, we both have attempted a few improvs here and there while trying to stick to the basic skeleton of this melody. I really hope you all enjoy listening to this.

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Movie: Subramanyapuram
Original music by: James Vasanthan
Originally sung by: Belly Raj & Deepa Mariam
Vocals by: George Kuruvilla & Meera Manohar
Mixed by: George Kuruvilla

Kangal Irandaal (cover version) with George Kuruvilla | Upload Music


madhavan kutty said...

A gem in Reethigowlai.. While you have been able to touch the right notes, George sounded a bit flat, especially in the opening pallavi.. A laudable effort, and the improvisations were also noticed...

Aparna Radhakrishnan said...

Good job. Charanam was the best overall. Cute pronunciations by George. Meera did it really well especially in the charanam than the pallavi.
Keep it flowing .. Nice efforts!

Anup said...

awesome meera and george...i love this song...super rendition....Georgy aa tamizh il oru american touch undallo asaneee...

Anand said...

superb job meera... loved it

Vijay said...

Great vocals Meera!

Is it just me or is the song a bit slower here compared to the original version.. maybe its just me.

Vidyu said...

Meera & George - A lovely blend of beautiful voices.
George, it's really commendable that u tried a different genre! Very nice :) Keep them coming!!!
Meera, congratulations on turning 3! :) Fantastic rendition! :)

Survivor said...

Your rendition was very nice as usual. George sounded a bit uncomfortable with the pronunciations. But,I really liked the way he sang it.It kind of gave a nice twist to the song.

Kaumudee said...

First of all, I love this song very very much. I don't understand the words, but the melody is too good. Great job both George and Meera. I don't know Tamil pronunciations but I thought George was subduing his voice almost and not singing freely. I appreciated Meera's singing in this; the little 'jagahs' she took were too good and she sounded just like the original. Impressive recordings. Keep up the good work.

sdpal said...

The song doesnt need to match with the original version for me. I wish to see our own singer's style in the song. And this is one of such song (new style/voice/pronounciation to the famous/familiar song).
Good job guys..

Bassix said...

Very well done, Meera! Like you said, it had to be heard in headphones only :D

George's voice was good except that it lacked emotion at few places. In general, I found his rendition to be flatter than it should be.

Keep it up guys!
- Krishna