Sunday, March 01, 2009

Germaniyin (cover versoin)-- introducing Mani Ram


It gives me great pleasure to introduce Mani Ram, a co-singer of mine in Thillana, the bay area light music group I perform with. For bay area-ites, Mani Ram is no new face. He's a famous playwright, and a theatrical personality whose stage plays have taken bay area by storm.

Little did I know that he sings until he debuted with us in the year 2007 :) So, welcome Mani Ram! I sure hope you start audioblogging soon.

Mani suggested that we do a song together, and said Kamal songs would be a good fit. So, chose this all time hit of Kamal, and have given this a shot. Please do listen and let us know!

Song: Germaniyin
Movie: Ullasa paravaigal
Originally sung by: SPB & S.Janaki
Cover version by: Mani Ram & Meera Manohar
Music by: Ilayaraaja


Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

Very good, crystal clear recording! Very pleasant singing by both of you! Enjoyed it :)

Mux said...

Nice recording, good pitch and energy in singing! Just some mincro tempo issues in a couple of places but kudos to a job well done overall.

Balaji said...

it was fun listening to this.. you should have enjoyed singing this.. nice !!!

Bassix said...


That was a nice one. Your voice was youthful and expressions were great. Mani's voice was fresh. Like others mentioned already, recording was great!

Keep up the good work,


Vignesh Subramanian said...

Superb... Well done to both the singers..

Whoever did the Karoke track has done a great job.. My special compliments for the track.

The constant Rhythm guitar's track is so beautifully done in the original and this track does sheer justice... (Like the crispy chords in the back of prelude's trumpet or Switching abruptly to C/F from the original scale of D); Attention to detail is commendable.. Hats off.. However mixing could have been better.. through out the song, this track fades into the background almost to the point of obscurity. Consequentially the pallavi and saranams sound a bit hollow in spite of having the rhythm guitar strums whose very purpose is to remove this hollowness. So if you can re-mix the recording and slightly increase the volume of the rhythm guitar + add an additional DX bells for the chords track, the final output would be unmatchable.(not that its not the case now.. Just a small suggestion to make it even better..);

Great work once again by all the artists involved..

With Love

kishmu said...

Hi Meera, your voice has good tone, which is the highlight of any song you sing of course.

Mani notes dragged all over and didn't fall within the tempo. It may have been intentional, but that stye doesn't suit this song.

I have no comments on your pitching, but only on the character you bring to the song. The phrase endings need to be more tighter and shorter and not dragged out. More than a melody, the song is a happy love song, so the spirit needs to be happy with short notes and it must have some playfulness in it. I hear little seriousness and too much concentration on individual notes. If you could lighten up, it will help.

Good singing both of you.

Kiran said...

Hey, I liked your voice. You and your readers might like this video that a friend sent me. It's a Bollywood version of an iTunes spot. Keep up the singing!

- Kiran

Vidya said...

Great to hear the two of you again!! Brings back memories of Thillana rehearsals... :P

Very nice rendition!! Looking forward to hearing more :)