Monday, January 19, 2009

Yuvvraaj--ARR at his all time best!

Probably one of the best albums of ARR's I would say. Except for 1 or 2, the album has amazingly mind blowing orchestration and more so, beautiful execution by artists who have performed. Unfortunately, based on the audio I recently made the mistake of seeing this movie- unsure if I can even call it that!! (ARR, hope you are still sane enough to churn out more music even after this visual disaster so to say)

Anyways, now that being said, this song is probably the most dreaded post of mine in a long long time, and only one reason -- it's Hindi :)Well, to give a little history, I did try posting a Hindi number a while ago ( hmm, let's see, about say 2.5 years ago), and after that, I decided not to torture people more than necessary. So, graciously stuck to languages I knew, which aren't many just incase you are wondering :-D

And, now I am back again :)

Recently, had a chance to become a member of Muziboo and pity, didn't know until I researched that it was an online music community! I saw posts by fellow muzibians ( hope I said it right), and  here I am having mustered up the courage to venture into this language yet again, hoping to do more numbers in the future. Diction/pronounication might suck, but then I guess will improve as I go along. Thanks for your patience in advance :D

George Kuruvilla is a long time muzibian, and a quite popular one I should say . He has got an originality which shows up in every cover version he does, and that, in my opinion is very difficult, given that you are always guided by the original! Has a very nice distinctive voice which flows effortlessly through any song. I know you weren't that crazy about the song in the first place, George. So I really appreciate you doing it inspite of that!! The final part of the song (from aawaaz ka dariyaa) has pretty messed up chords. So I have sung that part of the song with my ears literally shut. I would appreciate if listeners could shut their mind off to the background score in that part  *LOL*

George has tried some innovative variations in this song. He has also done a few harmonies, which makes it stand out from the original. Please let us know how you liked it. You can also check out George's muziboo page for more comments and discussions on this post.

Song: Tu Hi Meri Dosth 
Movie: Yuvvraaj
Originally sung by: Benny Dayal, ARR & Shreya Ghosal
Cover version by: George Kuruvilla, George Kuruvilla & Meera Manohar
Mixed by; George Kuruvilla

Tu hi tho | Music Codes


Vidyu said...

Meera!!! that's my fav song too and am hoping i can record it too soon ;) u've done a great job and so has George :-) liked all the variations u guys hv come up with :-) esp. the harmonies will recommend this to u know who! :-) she'll be very happy to listen to u :-))

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

Very nice! Mixing is very good, so are George's harmonies!
Meera- edhukku ivlo disclaimers for your Hindi?? Methinks its pretty good! :) Only very few small slips as I could hear...

Murali Venkatraman said...

George and Meera - echoing Sindhu's comments.

George - did u use a harmonizer ?

Survivor said...

After talking to you yesterday, I could appreciate the song more. You guys have done a very good job.I really liked it. And, your accent is pretty neat.

Ramyaa Narayanan said...

nicely done by both you guys... Meera your pronunciation is pretty close :)

Arun G S said...

Awesome track buddies :-) Loved it a lot! Keep Rocking..