Thursday, January 01, 2009

Dhaam Dhoom

Here's wishing all the readers of this blog, and audiobloggers around the globe, a very wonderful and prosperous New Year! 2008 has been a mixed bag in many respects, just as any other year I guess. Musically, quite a satisfying year I should admit, with a lot of avenues opening up for me personally. 

The song featured today is from the movie Dhaam Dhoom starring Jeyam Ravi and 2 heroines not worth mentioning!! Richard Gere, should, on all accounts hang himself if he gets to see this rather poorly made remake of his movie "The Red Corner". Movie was barely passable with some insane location shoots in the then USSR, but for the saving grace of HJ's music. Some of the songs in the OST are okay, and 2 main reasons I have done this song are:

1. Got a nice karoake soundtrack and
2. Song didn't require too much concentration *LOL*.

Typically, recordings seem to happen on my day off and I have realized that it takes way, way more motivation to sit and record an equivalent of paadariyaen padiappariyaen types. This number by Bombay Jayashree follows HJ's typical equation:

A bassy voice + some harmonies interspersed here and there= HJ's soft hits

This track opens with a harmony by Krish, a voice that I have always liked, given his ease of rendition and voice clarity. Interestingly, I wish I had sung his part and not the main female lead :)

So, here it is folks, listen in and do let me know.

Yaaro manadhilae (cover version) | Upload Music

Song: Yaaro.....
Movie: Dhaam Dhoom
Original music by: Harris Jeyaraj
Originally rendered by: Bombay Jayashree
Cover version by: Meera Manohar


Prabhu Narayanan said...

nice singingi meera..i liked it a lot..keep rocking
- prabhu

Mindframes said...

Your voice is amazing as usual... I liked it very much.

Wish u, mano and your families a wonderful new year !! (Suresh & Shoba)

Ramya said...

simply superb meera....... rocking....very well rendered by you.... give us some more treat like this....

Sowmya said...

Awesome attempt ! Enjoyed it :)

Awatts said...

Nice one..enjoyed listening to this!
Wishing you a very happy new year 2009!

Mad Max said...

awesome meera...ketten rasithen...hehehe...wish u a happy new year..

Vishal said...

Never heard the song before but agree the song follows the typical hit formula ..Liked your singing ..Have a very happy 2009 :-)


Srividya Kasturi said...

Nicely sung, Meera!

George said...

Another great cover Meera. Not easy singing at this low range. I felt you sang well for the most part. Few places where the execution could have been better (based on your previous posts).

-George (

Madhse said...

based on the name of the song, i thought it would be some 'dabbankuthu' types..nice song, well sung, pleasing to hear..

TC Ratnapuri said...

Fantastic as always. Loved the treat Meera.

Subha said...

Wowowow Meers What a rendition. You are a versatile singer and you have such a beautiful voice culture that it suits all song genres.

Expecting more varieties from you!!

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

Thought I left a comment already...!
You sound strangely similar to Jayashree in this although I haven't heard the original- that's probably coz of the niche she has carved for herself singing such (low pitched) songs.
Was nice to hear your voice in this range for a change :) You seem to be at ease. Voice overlays were very nicely mixed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meera:

Besh Besh ! Romba Nalla Irrukku.
Your voice suited this song very much.

Siva S. (from Thillana)

i,me,my music said...

Meera.. happy new year.. this rendition sounds so effortless n great as usual.

~PakKaramu~ said...

Visiting your blog