Monday, June 18, 2007

Away for a couple of months

Yes, indeed been a long time since I checked audioblogs including my own :)

Just thought will drop a line to say I will be off the audioblogging world for a couple of months or so. Reason: Expecting a new entrant in our family any moment now and boy.. is it going to be a busy 1st few months or what??

Will return back when time permits, but guess will still try to keep on top of fellow audiobloggers updates.

Ciao and have fun!


Nanda said...

Missing the pleasant voice :-(

Anyhow, Take Care and Waiting to hear from you.... :-)

All the Best!!!

Anonymous said...

Greetings and Best Wishes.
Take Care!
Hope your contributions will continue in the near future.
Ashok Mumbai

Vijay said...

Hello Meera and Manohar:

CONGRATULATIONS on your latest addition!!

Vijay and Ashwini
(Abhijit included)

Krishna said...

Hey Meera,
Congratulations! Hope you and the little one are doing great.


Krishnan said...


The masterpiece will bring more joy in your life.

I am a ComplexNumber said...

This is the first time I got a chance to listen to your song.
( ---> Idaya pookkal --> MUX Blog --> Your blog....a blong way)

Wish you and the li'l a hearty congratulations!!!.

I listened to your Narumugaye rendition...Awesome...I heard you pronounce it as is Puraviyile...Puravi meaning horse in Thooya tamil. This is not a criticism. I felt this nagging my mind while listening to such a beautiful rendition and hence the mention

Look up at my mimicry videos in

Have fun

Sridhar Visvanath

அன்பு said...

Congratulations. Best wishes and Prayers for your baby.

Vidyu said...


Love & the very best to the lil one :-)

.:: Rosh ::. said...

hey congrats, hope you both are doing gr8!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, the songs are nice. Can you send me the karaoke of Narumugaiyae song? If you can, please send it to



Rafeeq said...

Hi Meera.

Sweet Voice. Hmm I was surfing on the net to get the song Jalthi He Jiskeliye...Fortunately I found your blog and listen your's & Manohar Songs.

On returning with new surprise, why dont u come up with "Maalayil Yaroo Manathodu pesa" song from the Moive: Chatriyan?

Greetings again.


Prem said...

Vannakkam Meera!

I am a Tamil American hip-hop rock Tamil artist.

Checkout my music at:


Saumya said...

Mike Meera profile photos looks really good :)