Monday, August 24, 2009

Vandhe Maataram ( cover version )- Orchestration by Sushane Shankar

A long story……………………………………………………………

To cut it short—
1. Asked Sushane if he will play violin for an unplugged version of my vande maataram. Ans: yes
2. Was down with sore throat, so was late in sending it to him. Sent in 2 days before with an even worse sore throat than I started out !
3. He got back to me saying it would be great if we can do orchestration for it and he can do it. Ans: yes ( me )
4. Aug 14th, 11.30 AM: Sent me a version but that just had the pallavi (technical/computer hanging issues et al), not the charanam. I was a little shocked, bemused.everthing rolled into one. Then he had this brilliant idea to make the charanam into a virutham.
5. Aug 14th 11.30 PM: I went along with that idea and this is what we came up with

Also, he has added some lyrics of his own to this wonderful piece.

Ennuyir annai thandha yen anbu desam nee
Mozhi ina jaadhi bedhame yedhum attraval nee
Valam thandha Manne
Vanangugirom unnai….

Thanks Sushane, it was awesome working with you.

Folks— Posted this on August 15th 2009 on my muziboo space as a tribute. Hope you enjoy listening to our interpretation of Vande maataram

Vande Maataram
Orchestrated by: Sushane Shankar
Sung by, harmonies & mixed by: Meera Manohar

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Vandhe Maataram-Orchestration by Sushane Shankar | Online recorder

1 comment:

Hemanth Sharma said...

Cool one. Nicely done. :)

Just a couple of observations... the MAHAPRANAS were not stressed at some places... so bHaashiNi sounded baashiNi... sumadHura sounded sumadura... (in maDHura, dhu has to be a mahaa praaNa).

Guess these diction related issues were the only ones I could find. Else, it was soothing and very very relaxing. :)

Keep it up... Keep coming more..