Friday, July 10, 2009

Enge Enadhu kavidhai (cover version)

Been a long desire of mine to sing this song. Chitra is just awesome in this song, mindblowing!! Had a couple of tracks but none that really was “the track” if you know what I mean :) So, postponed it saying “The day shall come when I shall get an original -1”, and I waited quite a while.

Then managed to download a decent enough track. Some last minute changes, asked Murali if he could do Srinivas’s parts since I had no patience to ctrl-c ctrl-v those chorus parts from the original :) The track has some distortions here and there, so please do bear with that

So, here it is, pretty tough song on the breath and the tongue twisting fast occuring words. Hope you all like the effort :D

Thanks in advance

Movie: Kandukondaen Kandukondaen
Original music by: ARR
Lyrics: Vairamuthu
Originally sung by : K.S.Chitra
Cover version by: Meera Manohar
Backing vocals & harmonies: Murali Venkatraman & Meera Manohar
Mixed by: Meera Manohar


Ashwin said...

Ah, very soothing. Wonderful, soulful redition Meera.

Anonymous said...

Soft and energetic at the same time :-) Love this song.


Meera Manohar said...

Thanks Ashwin & Padma, glad you liked this cover!

dinu said...

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Narayanan Venkitu said...


Goosebumps !! to sum it up in one word !!

I listened to it from ( Friday ). Luckily nobody saw that tear in my eye. was amazing.

When you started the song I thought you were a microsecond slow..but then as the song progressed it went away.

Wow - Your tamil, your voice, your singing !! I can't explain my feelings Meera...Wonderful.

This song when it came out..impressed me so much, I told everyone it will win a national award..however, it didn't happen.
One of my favorite compositions of ARR/Chitra.

Honestly - Yours is much better than the original thanks to a few improvizations !!

Way to go Meera. Thanks for a great song on a Friday !!

Meera Manohar said...


Thanks for that really detailed comment :-) Guess it made my day today LOL

Aravind G said...

Hi Meera,
Visiting your blog after quite some time. Great singing as always. Keep it up!!

Dhanya said...

very soothing....Wonderful

Meera Manohar said...

Thanks Aravind & Dhanya.. glad to know you you liked it.

srikrish said...

There are few songs when I hear will think this will perfectly fit Meera's voice and this is in top of the list.
I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will hear it one more time again.

I will send the list to you later.