Friday, January 19, 2007

Vennilavae Vennilavae

Am posting a song after a very long time. Things have been a little hectic in and out of the home and gave me little time to sit down and record.

This time Murali Ramanathan & I have attempted Vennilavae from Minsaara Kanavu. Murali has been known to try tough songs on the vocal chords at the same time delivering it with ease and aplomb. It was truly a pleasure to do this song alongside him.

Song: Vennilavae
Movie: Minasaara Kanavu
Music by: ARR
Originally rendered by Hariharan and Sadhana Sargam
Sung by Murali Ramanathan and Meera Manohar

Vennilavae vennilavae | Music Codes



Jo said...

Hey Meera, that is a wonderful song to come back to the action. :-)

Wonderful job by both of you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Meera,

Again, Wow.... Itz a Great Song....

Keep Going.... :-)


Awatts said...

Enjoyed it Meera!

Ever since I started audioblogging, I did not see any posts of yours and this was a treat!

Great going....

ann said...

wow !! that was a gud one Meera & Murali .. this is a haunting-fav of mine .. :) !!

Kiranz..!! said...

Hey Meera,

Your voice was amazing on this, i think this is the best one you have sung yet( just analyzing on a voice front).Really enjoyed it.It generates a feeling when i heard Harini's first song,..cute it was..keep it up.

Also Murali,except those hi..ho..actionz,you have done an excellent job.Its a very tough job to have those high notes replicated,and i must say you have real perfection on it..

One of the best duets from blog..!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Welcome back. Wonderful song.

When you start ..I thought your voice was a little hoarse. Then as the song progressed...your voice was as wonderful as it is always.

Murali has done a great job too..! His tamil is nice in this song.

Bhavams are wonderful from both of you.

Great song choice.!! Wondefully sung.
Keep it up Meera/Murali.

Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam said...

But for the starting bit, nicely done :)
Wish it was your voice instead of Sadhana's in the humming in the end. That bit kinda doesnt blend I thought...
Overall, enjoyed it :)

L. Ramakrishnan said...

Meera, this is lovely. Have checked out the Blogswara page and am amazed by the talent of folks who are collaborating on this!

Divya.S.Menon said...

Hi Meera,
Happy to see you back in action.......hope to hear more from you......keep the good job......both of you have done a great job!!!

Saumya said...

Good to hear another song after so long Meera....Enjoyed this song thoroughly!

Keep it up!

gumbals said...

Very nice!! - must have been a tough song to sing - was easy to listen to!

Seems like the karaoke was some sort of "vocal elimination" stuff.. which muffled all the mid-frequencies along with it..

if you have saved the vocal tracks.. may be someday this can be mixed with new music..

keep up the good work!

priti said...

wooooooow....First time here to your blog....Brilliant...You guys have done a great job...felt it was even better than the original...Keep up the good work...Loved it...thanks for posting :-)

.:: Rosh ::. said...

very nicely sung. Like someone said, the song is easy to listen, tough one to sing! Murali's voice is really refreshing.

Murali said...

brilliant rendition by Murali and a not so supportive rendition by Meera. Guess u were not doing well while singing.

Darvin said...

Hi Murali,
Fantastic!!. I like very much your rendition. Excellent job!. Singing in high pitches is Perfect!!.

Krishnan Varadarajan said...

Male vocals better than yours which surprised me. Maybe his voice suited SPB's more. Your voice sounded quite flat and like a karaoke while his fit flawlessly. 3 stars on 5.

Maddy said...

We tried our level best to get hariharan to sing this in san diego last week, but he did not, he just joked in tune ..mudiyaliye...mudiyaliye...

somehow this one did not quite jell in the beginning, maybe you should redo it

Arun G S said...

Heard this song long back from Murali Chettan's blog. Its absolutely fantastic, no doubt. I didn't know the female voice at that time. Now I've found out ;-).
Superb One.
With Love,