Monday, June 05, 2006

'Kannalae kaadhal' from Aatma

Have attempted a song with Pradip Somasundaran. Do listen to it and let us know your comments.

Movie: Aatma
Music By: Ilayarajaa
Originally sung by KJY & S Janaki
Sung by Pradip & Meera

Kannalae Kaadhal | Music Codes

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Hrudhayam ekkadunnadhi??

The Tamizh version of this number was our first duet together. This was also one of my earliest posts where I was still a nouveau audioblogger, not that I am any better now *LOL*. I still remember times when I have deleted the whole recording by mistake, and mourned the rest of the day for that version would have been my best!!

This song is again being re-released in Telegu this time around. So here's fulfilling Kiran Malla's request!

Movie: Ghazini

Music by Harris Jayaraj
Originally rendered by Harish Raghavendar and Bombay Jayashree
Sung by Jo & Meera

Hrudhayam Ekkadunnadhi | Music Codes