Friday, March 10, 2006

Dead Of The Night

An original composition of Anup's for which I have done a classical kinda Alaap aka Alaapanai.

Now, what does the title mean? A different mood perspective OR to break the silence of the night OR a lame attempt to disguise an inability-to-find-a-better-title OR...

Well, all the rest is left to imagination!

Original Music Composition: Anup & Meera (Aalaap)
Abashruthi Vocals: Meera
Guitar compounder: Anup
Audio Mechanic: Anup

PLEASE NOTE: This piece sounds much better in Winamp. So people interested, please mail either Anup or me if you would like to listen to that.

Title/Song copyright as follows:
Great composition, rave reviews, blah blah...simple & awesome : (c) Meera
Technically flawed, composition sucks, hate it the moment u turned the volume up blah blah...plain and simple atrocious : (c) Anup

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Murali said...

kalakkals. good job guys ! next time when the aalaap is tried, please try matching the chord which will sound more harmonious.

.:: Rosh ::. said...

Wonderful tune. welldone Anup & Meera.

Nyneishia said...

Beautiful composition :)
very well done meera n anup !!!

Mindframes said...

That's an amazing performance... I too share the feeling that the vocals and the guitar did not blend as harmoniously as I would expect...

Jo said...

I wish if that goes on and on... endlessly... Awesome job guys!! Kudos to Meera and Anup!!!